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  1. Thank you @kednar, I'm honored to be able to play the role of Shay in the team photo!
  2. You can use my photo in anyway you want, it probably will not work so well since it just shows my head, but floating heads can have their own appeal.
  3. Hi everybody, my name's Paul. I'm currently working on a Vive experience called Musical Migration. I specialize in game design and producing, but find myself programming odds and ends when needed. With my film background, I also dabble with and have a healthy appreciation for the dark arts of sound design. I don't have much availability except for Tuesdays/Wednesdays morning/afternoons, so I'm a bit bummed our project doesn't start until 6pm my time. I hope to figure out some way I can contribute more before and at the very least I'll be back for more next Tues/Wed. I look forward to working with you all!
  4. I'm looking forward to the GitHub wiki that should summarize some of the decisions/activity that aren't captured in the FAQ. In the meantime, I've started a Google document placeholder that organizes some of the information so far. Currently anybody with the link can edit and help with organizing the information. @Cheeseness or @lightsoda can move the information to the wiki and modify it as they see fit when the time comes: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1zsCUcK5Hj9DE-HP9MqbcPTWxRxkj3m4R86vbzWEyGhE/edit?usp=sharing
  5. @TimeGentleman, yeah it's certainly even more challenging to do a jam like this whenever a lot of us can't focus on the project full time like the people at Double Fine will be able to. I'm sure some of us will only have a few hours total spread throughout the week. Plus the Double Fine employees will all be able to work in the same room together. I'm quite envious of all this, but it should still be fun regardless to work with fellow Double Fine fans!
  6. Unity (or Unreal) is an obvious choice for long term 3D projects, but I know people that are familiar with those tools elect to use a simpler tool for jams for quicker development. Reducing complexity is exactly the point, as embracing constraints helps limit scope and in fact can encourage creativity. So if 2D is chosen, I'd encourage people to look into Game Maker or Construct 2. But ultimately I'm fine with whatever tool is picked by the team lead.
  7. @Anemone, I like the thought you put into your pitch and I believe it's a concept that is also well suited for open collaboration like Amnesia Adventure. I leaned towards the latter because it would be a more point and click gameplay, but I really do appreciate your references to games as a potential launching off points for inspiration. A very recent loose example of the collaboration dynamic (though not with different abilities split between characters) is Snipperclips. That one has some pretty cool puzzles past the first world.
  8. My vote would be to do 2D, which I believe would have less potential complications and would be easier for a wide variety of people to contribute to. @lightsoda, what game engines would you be open to using for the project? Would you be open to something like Game Maker or Construct 2, which would be quicker to develop and keep the scope down?
  9. Good luck @TimeGentleman, as I mentioned in the voting thread, I really hope your idea wins because of community potential! What tone would you be interested in having? Based on your pitch and concept art, it seems that the adventure might be best suited for humor, with plenty of "what the fudge" moments as the player switches between memory to memory.
  10. I really hope that Amnesia Adventure wins because it would be a lot of fun for everybody to work on! It really would be the most suitable for a community effort of varying skill levels and styles. As long as @TimeGentleman decides on one concrete mystery/solution that we all could hint at in our own ways, then the disjointedness of each separate amnesia episode could actually have a charm to it like WarioWare. Near the end, we could figure out what order the amnesia episodes could be arranged in that would gradually reveal the solution to the mystery. But even if Amnesia Adventures doesn't win, I'd love to contribute game design, producing, and/or audio design. I hope there are a lot of talented folks who will rally around whichever concept wins!
  11. For some reason I just get a blank page when clicking the Read on the Site hyperlink. I checked previous episodes and I'm not having this problem. Are other people having this issue too?
  12. I think you do a great job of finding a happy medium between possibilities and context sensitivity. Rather than have the character say something that wouldn't work for the particular scenario, every option presented would have some sort of unique outcome. The main consideration I would ask for every proposed UI is whether each minimizes players using trial and error as well as stumbling across solutions without using any problem solving.
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