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  1. Hi, it's me the original poster of this bug. I just want to confirm that in fact I couldn't get the riddle to repeat even after going through all the dialogue options.
  2. When at the talking tree screen (the one you have to chop with an axe to open its mouth), clicking on the arrow that brings up the inventory also makes Vella walk to the left and off to the next screen. This makes using items on that screen almost impossible since you have a very brief window in which to drag things out before the scene changes. This doesn't happen on any other screen where clicking on that inventory arrow just opens the inventory and keeps Vella standing still.
  3. In the conversation with the bucket-head guy (hoping to run for Mayor), there's a spelling mistake in the subtitles when he talks about Mog Chathra.
  4. Hi, There should be an option to repeat the riddle of Yorn. After I heard it the first time I wasn't able to hear it again. Best,