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  1. I'm a long time DoubleFine fan. Doublefine has been my favorite development team since I was a kid first playing psychonauts. I'm 17 now, an older brother of a 5 year old. When Costume Quest was first coming out, I showed it to my little brother (I always play video games with him) and Costume Quest was the perfect opportunity for him and I to both enjoy a Double Fine game on the same level. It was great. He was looking forward to it for weeks, extremely excited to play the game. For reasons I can't share, I was going to be separated from him the next month, so Costume Quest was really the last game we were going to share together for some time. We played it nonstop once we finally got it. We got up to the part in the game where you're rounding up the little kids with the French fry costume. We both assumed that it was a cosmetic costume, and we'd have to give it back once we found our real costumes. To our surprise, we kept the costume after we completed the quest. So we wore it around, and eventually we got into battle again. Right when the kid's charging up his transformation, Logan just shouts "NO WAY!" He saw it was a french fry monster. His face lit up for about 3 seconds, and then we both burst out laughing. It was the best moment a double fine game has ever given me. I just wanted to share.
  2. I know they have nothing to do with DoubleFine I just drew them tonight and I wanted to show them somewhere I'm going to draw some Psychonauts fanart now though so hang tight!
  3. They might be worthless and unexciting but I think the art's pretty good!
  4. In my book he'd do a pretty good job. That guy's just the best.
  5. Guys, like I'm going to be honest I love you guys to death. DoubleFine makes me so happy and gives my life meaning where there is no meaning to be had, I love you guys with a passion. Where's Scott C? Scott C might as well run Double Fine as far as I'm concerned. I love that guy with a passion, I have about 4 of his paintings hanging in my room right now. He's the coolest guy in the world, you need to have him working on a game. Seriously, grasshopper isn't giving me any news so I checked this website hoping for some good news and my eyes lit up so much to see a new game. I'm not dissing the new game or anything, the trailer looked pretty sweet and I'd be alright with playing it; but where's Scott? I really want to see another game with Scott doing the art again. I love that guy. Can we expect any Scott C type games again? Are you going to announce anything with him soon?
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