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  1. Rocktober 13, Ninth Anniversary

    I'm off work and will be online all day!
  2. Please bring this to Xbox one and Ps4

    @B Dawg Thank you, means a lot! been dying for some more BRUTAL VICTORIES!
  3. I just want some brutal victories in my life again! Please Tim, you're our only hope!
  4. Tips for a Brütal Nööb?

    We're not worthy! We're not worthy!!
  5. Brutal Legend PC multiplayer

    Are you the tankless from Xbox 360??! If you are it's been too long brother!
  6. Tips for a Brütal Nööb?

    If I still had xbox id game with you. For good tips I have videos of me playing online. Go type in xmikeyx1026 brutal legend videos will get you a feel for the mechanics behind the game.
  7. Looking....

    diablo-mike1026 but i rarely get on and have no idea where my game is anymore.
  8. Missing Costume Quest 2 Preorder Costumes after game crash

    did you look in your old downloads? may be a item in there you just have to re-download. hope this helped, good luck!
  9. PS3 Players

    had fun tonight playing you shadow, at least i got you once. the other 45 were all you.
  10. PS3 Players

    You told me all about your ganeshark! Don't lie.
  11. PS3 Players

    Dang! Well I just fixed the lag a bit by going wired so we can give it a try. sent you a friend request if you can't accept try to send me one. I have to glitch you onto my friends for ps3 because I have the 4 and I reached cap for 3. only person i was able to add was dudy and thats because he is a hacker!
  12. Looking....

    very good games on ps3! i need to play more to get the swing of things back. the ps3 has a bit more lag then i'd like but hey if you can lag through steam then i'll lag through the 3! till next time.
  13. PS3 Players

    I'll play you but i lag like no other on ps3. do you happen to have steam? if so i'd rather play you on that then the ps3.
  14. I truly miss this game.

    Great last game on pleasure gardens there!! Hope to do it again tomorrow! If anyone else would like to join us just give us a message.
  15. I truly miss this game.

    just played the rock god. great guy, very good! can't wait to play you again, I'm way to dam rusty!! anyone else on pc i'd love to play you too! msg here or on steam. gt: xmikeyx1026