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  1. I completely forgot that brutal legend is for PC, because when it came out I only had a mac. Do people play the multiplayer on PC? I'd download steam just to get this game if people actually played it, lol

    Are you the tankless from Xbox 360??! If you are it's been too long brother!

  2. So a few days ago I was playing Costume Quest 2 and was able to buy my preorder costumes from Shady just fine but after a game crash yesterday when trying to load an old save I have been unable to have the costumes after multiple reinstalls. Was wondering if there was anything I am missing by way of files or if there is anything I can do to help me get those back

    did you look in your old downloads? may be a item in there you just have to re-download. hope this helped, good luck!

  3. Dang! Well I just fixed the lag a bit by going wired so we can give it a try.

    sent you a friend request if you can't accept try to send me one. I have to glitch you onto my friends for ps3 because I have the 4 and I reached cap for 3. only person i was able to add was dudy and thats because he is a hacker! :P

  4. I would like to battle you on my home console! That should be fun. And i have to say player34565 gets on late to late and its rare to be on at the same time. Send a message and we'll schedule a time to Rock! i'm usually available every afternoon and over the weekends.

    PNS : dudy35

    Steam : TheRockGod35

    very good games on ps3! i need to play more to get the swing of things back. the ps3 has a bit more lag then i'd like but hey if you can lag through steam then i'll lag through the 3! till next time.

  5. damn breh too bad mac homies and pc homies can't kick it together and fight and shit. miss battling you bud. having brutal legend for PS3 and Mac fucking sucks when you hella are in love with the multiplayer and both platforms that you have the game on lack any kind of a multiplayer community whatsoever. I spent like three years of my middle school life developing these mad-stage-battle skills and now I have to sit back for the rest of my life and watch helplessly as my mastery of the game completely diminishes into nothing. i would like to have brutal legend in my life but there's just no one to play with anymore.

    you still have your ps3 copy of the game breh? if you don't find any talented PC homies, player34565 on PSN is always finna fade witchu boi. i'll beatcha ;)

    Nothing I can't pick back up. send me a friend request at Diablo-mike1026.

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