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  1. Sign up here and tell people to sign up this will help find the top ten and have fun doing so. it will be best out of three and double elmination depending on how much people enter. 1.xmikeyx1026 PLAYERS LOSER'S 2.tormentor4300 Xmikeyx1026 vs Lorddoviculus 3.player PLAYER34565 vs lordofthedoom 4.whiskey900 justme00 vs captainblackhart 5.captainblackhart raiceaandrei11 vs creaturesh 6.justMe00 sprawl321 vs xshreder 7.RaiceaAndrei11 tormentor4300 vs whiskey900 8.CreatureSH 9.LordoftheDoom 10.xshreder 11.Sprawl321 12.lorddoviculus
  2. play him as tc he disconnects for anything. then says you spammed at his base.
  3. Another reason why I am not him I only have for PS3 I am at a friends house when I play on xbox. EDIT: add me on PS3 my account is the same as my name.
  4. nice guess but I'm sorry for I am not I doviculous I. Also I am not complaining as much as I am saying afterwords he trys to rub it in your face like he did something great.
  5. Everytime I play him when he starts to lose he disconnects then sends me a picture of this . do you guys have a problem with him too?
  6. That doesn't mean you can't like a nice steak lol. Honestly I know some vegetarians whose favorite meal was and still is chicken, even though they don't eat it anymore. Also how do you count t2? Pizza can be, waffles and pancakes and burritos. since waffles and pancakes are one that makes 3 choices not 2??? I thought burritos had beef in them. :red: And I can't remember what meat tastes like, so I'd be taking a guess if I said one kind tasted better than the other. Though if I were to take a guess I would say that lamb smells the best. a burrito can be anything some people call it the garbage platter ok maybe I just do.
  7. You pick your favroite you can only pick one but we are counting the top three as the best.
  8. sorry I just kind of threw stuff off the top of my head onto here. I tried being a vegetarian once but only lasted a few days love my burgers and fries (I see me getting a Heart attack at age 28).
  9. o my lanta they said it could not be done but we showed them we did lol.
  10. idk nick came up with great's too like spongebob and........
  11. mmm....... corns that have uni in front of them my favorite.
  12. I just signed it and I am going to get all my xbox and facebook buddies to sign it too.
  13. I'm in do best out of three. EDIT:Depending on how much people join it you can also throw in double elimination.
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