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    Originally from Northern Ireland, I'm now in a web developer in Dundee. I play games pretty well and guitar pretty badly.
  1. A single funny, coherent ending would be better than three or four weaker ones that're just there to tick the "Multiple endings" checkbox. That said, I wouldn't dismiss something like Fallout 3, where the broad strokes are the same but you get slightly different details in the final cutscene based on your actions.
  2. I reckon I'm about halfway through Year Four; I've been playing through it on and off since the Kickstarter drive began. It's aged surprisingly well; the music, script and acting are still top-notch, and it doesn't look as old, graphically, as I'd expected, but man, those controls... So bad. It's also a much shorter game than I remembered. It would be great to see the game updated and re-released with updated art and controls, but I'm not holding my breath - and honestly, the version I already have is good enough for me.
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