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  1. Bidiot: right on! I forgot about our PM exchange. (I'm a highly irregular here.) I'll jump over there. And TimeGentleman: yes, impossibly slow forum volleys are my love language.
  2. So, Bidiot and I never got around to coordinating the shipping, and I now *really* gotta get these out of the house. So, bumping this thread: does anyone want them? They're available! Same description as above; I literally boxed them up, sealed the box, and haven't shipped it anywhere. Cheers.
  3. Well heck, no reason not to make this public: If you see anything you want, lemme know.
  4. Wait unless that's against the rules… then never mind please don't ban me.
  5. Sorry Permafry and Ke$ha, it looks like the Bidiot from down under will get the prize, assuming we can work out all the international shipping arrangements. If not, I'll start pinging you in order. My wife thanks you all for your interest in my crap. Hey if anybody here collects original Kenner Star Wars toys (or shoot even later Hasbro ones) I have a literal attic full that she'd love to see get sold or die in a fire, and I'd prefer the former.
  6. Like all good Americans, I forgot there was a rest of the world.
  7. Actually the boxes aren't in *supreme* condition, they've got a little edge wear, but whatever they're free don't be a snob. Also if you have a Power Mac then I hear Full Throttle will run super-fast in the 90s.
  8. First: I'm not selling. This is not a sale. There is no money here. Second: I know Grim Fandango and Full Throttle aren't Double Fine, but I have to assume anyone reading this has as fond a memory of both as I do. So. Seems appropriate. Now: I love Grim Fandango and Full Throttle, and as such have kept (for far too long and against my wife's wishes) my Full Throttle (Mac) box/CD my Grim Fandango box (CDs are lost to time). I need to clear house. Does anyone want these? I will drop into a box and mail on my dime. If you *want* to reimburse me for the postage on the box, that'd be great, but it's not required. This is just a gift. I don't really hang out here much (mostly just registered for the Broken Age backers area), but I expect there are Private Messages? Yes? In which case, message me? Privately? First person who responds gets them unless they say something creepy like "your wife sounds hot can you send a pic too". Anyway both boxes are in supreme condition. The Full Throttle one is complete with manuals and probably-unreadable Mac CDs. The Grim one is empty but smells good. That's all. I skimmed the rules and saw nothing against giving away swag to friends. So. Oh hey pics attached. That sweet-ass Star Wars toy isn't included. It was just sitting there.
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