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  1. I think Overkill is only able to trigger the first time you end the quest. While the hunter remains and you can talk to him over and over again, you will notice that the quest marker has disappeared. You might want to try and load a chapter where you didn't already finish the quest. Unfortunately I completed the quest over 10 hours of gameplay ago and I have done too much to merit rolling back my progress to before I finished overkill, especially since I did a large chunk of it in the endgame. Okay, I just checked. The map marker disappears either as you take the last hunting quest or as soon as you kill the last Hextadon. I didn't pay proper attention. Anywho, I got the achievement and the axe treatment reward speaking to the hunter after that (I didn't get it on my first playthrough). If you are unwilling to replay you might have to hope that DF includes a new trigger for the axe treatment and the achievement. Which could very well be never. Except of course if Tim cruises by here on his chopper with a set of mighty pilot sunglasses, nods and one of his gangmembers gets of its ride to do a ceremonial burp. THEN you probably get the extra trigger that i.e. goes off whenever you talk to the hunter after completion
  2. I think Overkill is only able to trigger the first time you end the quest. While the hunter remains and you can talk to him over and over again, you will notice that the quest marker has disappeared. You might want to try and load a chapter where you didn't already finish the quest.
  3. I asked the Doublefine Twitter for that during the (short) pre-order/beta time, because I generally like having a box at home, even for steam games. There is no box version for PC and there (veryvery likely) won't be one. Link to the Twitter posts:
  4. yes. I once had a bug in SP where my mouse cursor was showing, but I still could play normally and mouselook etc. The selection in the radial menu did not align to where the cursor was. It seemed more like the mouse movement was measured and translated into joystick movement or something rather than just taking the current cursor placement relative to the cursor placement when the menu was opened into account. That might be a wrong impression, but I am having trouble with mouse selection from the radial menus as well. Is what I wanted to say. Yea.
  5. Just tried it with the Lita scene and I get out with E. Maybe you got the game early, too and have problems with old keyboard mappings or rather missing keyboard mappings. You could try to reassign the use key in the options, or putting %AppData%/Doublefine/BrutalLegend/ into your explorer. Delete the prefs.sav in that folder and if you have any subfolders, delete the prefs.sav in there, too.
  6. Did you try pressing e again? All the "we do something together" scenes after competetion (Lita, Ophelia, Beach Party) are endless loops unless you quit again.
  7. I have a bug(?) (maybe it's me) that makes playing matchmaking games almost impossible. The mouse cursor is visible ingame and I can't mouselook. The only way I can change the direction I'm looking to is by aiming my character with movement and pressing ctrl for targeting mode. Also: I can't select anything on the order-troops or solo tab. I tried deleting the prefs.sav but it didn't matter. Curiously AI Practice works fine. However if I play a Matchmaking game and quit it, AI Practice is affected by the same condition until I restart BL.
  8. Did this before "Free" mode, but didn't get it either
  9. The game now displays the track currently playing in the mouth of metal, with a popup when switching songs. However this feature disables after visiting a metal forge and upon entering the metalforge, you get a popup of the song.
  10. I completed all ambush and kill-stuff-with-your-hotrod-from-the-jack missions, but did not get the achievement for 20 of those completed. It should be noted that I started playing the very second the game became available. Maybe the count got messed up in netween the many patches (thanks btw ) so far. If it just checks if you did all the missions: Didn't work
  11. I think the roadies are supposed to be seethrough. Other than that, I noticed these issues, too.
  12. I remember an interview with Tim where he said that they had made up story plans which where split in two. I'd honestly just let the team carry on their vision, for I think they were fucking spot on with Brütal Legend so far. And I just played it for the first time
  13. I can't successfully finish the last hunter's quest. After I talk to him after the last hunt (and he is holding a carrot), he talks to me about gifting me the porcupine axe thingy and wanting to disappear. I don't have the axe thingy and he is still there. I also can't reach 100% or get the hunter achievement.
  14. During "Fists Shall Fall" I am not getting army command power even after starting to fly. I managed to issue commands with my gamepad though. A similar problem occurs in "March to Impalement". Here I am able to place a beacon with my gamepad but cannot issue commands to the roadies. This means I can't advance in the story Edit: After the 6.5(?)mb update I was perfectly able to advance through "March to Impalement". I am not sure if I was actually able to advance here before and just didn't know that I had to use the beacon on the tower (before the update there was no hint popup telling me how to use the beacon). I am no sure if "Fists Shall Fall" got fixed, though. Edit: "Fists Shall Fall" works perfectly on keyboard now. Might have worked before, I just had no idea that I had to use the beacon and probably set it by accident on the gamepad.
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