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  1. It's not for everyone. except of course for the majority of the internet apparently. still, if you don't want to watch it, you don't have to. if anyone should support this freedom, it's me. It's the reason I haven't watched My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic despite everyone telling me I should.
  2. I managed to completely miss the season 3 premier in a zombie-esque internet trance. well, there's my one post. see you guys in about a year or two, okay?
  3. "I, the bloody king of rapture, must defeat the 7 evil exes AND Barack Obama!" ...that sucked. Ted the Bug (Bone), Tim Scafer, and Pox (Destroy all humans).
  4. well, I ignored mikey. scarecrow's happy, I'm happy. I suggest everyone does. everyone. so he'll just be talking to himself. and we can all laugh at him while he does so.
  5. self deprecation time! most of the time when I post something I realize it was a bad idea for a post via everyone thinking I'm a retard. or I make a joke that seemed funny but was in reality completely tasteless and I find this out via everyone thinking I'm an ass hole. or I post a thread pointing these things out and when people try to make me feel better I become paranoid that they're all just trying to make me feel better about myself and I'm really just a spineless mistake of a person but nobody wants me to know that because they're in league with the aliens to give man kind a false sense of security before they destroy the world and replace everybody with cows exept rubber jhonny because he's got mad lazer dodging skills. isn't this forum fun?
  6. I need a freaking tablet. I need a more interesting life.
  8. HE'S BAAAACK! *hugs Dr.Awesome* who knows? I might be. or maybe I'll just sink back out of existence for a while... you never know... *walks away* *turns back* YOU. NEVER. KNOW. *keeps walking* *hits enter five more times, making even more pointless space*
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