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  1. Sorry about the grammar. I am Norwegian.
  2. I have bought games sinces the early 80`s. I have played pong, everything Amiga, Sega, Atari. Nintendo, and got myself a PC 288/25 mhz. I played all the games, but had one thought throughout. Why isn`t there any freedom in the games? The first game that blew my mind was zac mccracken. It blew my mind. You had a choice. Now there is not many games out there. Gta and thos games of course, but you are not really free. I have 100 games plus and when i look at them no one really to make me play them. I want a adventure, action, everything game. In real time too. When i log on i am in my own apatment. Will i watch tv and relax? Will i go out doing something fun? Will i take a call to someone? Will i go to jail if i do something wrong? Will that experience be in real time? Everything you do in the game should make another game or experience. Why should every sannbox game focus on one thing? Lets put sims, gta, Sid Meier and all the others into one world? If you need something, read Readt Palyer One! Cannot read? Listen to it on audio by a great legent in science fiction. That whould be great! We have the computer power. Lets make something that is awesome!
  3. Its just an idea. Post your puzzles!
  4. Many ideas have been buzzing around. Many have been heard. The general idea has been birthed. Lets find Cool puzzles for The game! Typical adventure: Hidden treasure Things in trees Hidden rooms in strange places Logical solutions Logical solutions is the big thing. If You got a brain, you will make the game. Why not make a game from a 3 years old standpoint. You are small and you have to outsmart the Big people to get some rare thing. It could be a Cool part of The game. Written on iPad so somewhow every other word is With capital letters. Greetings from Oslo!
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