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  1. In some ways, I agree! All of Tim's past games have some zany element to them, but they're very grounded in their own realities. Part of what helps support this is that they're all riffing on popular culture and recognisable motifs (film noir sensibilities or biker culture, or metal mythos or summer camp adventures, or college dorm shenanigans). If you take Broken Age as playing on the style and character of Bagel's art in the same way, then I think it fits, even if the world's rules are harder to predict and find consistency in. Yeah totally! I think after Act 1 maybe I just needed a little more time in the world, which is why I felt a little better about it after Act 2.
  2. Hooray, I just finished it! I liked it quite a bit, and definitely enjoyed Act II more than Act I. Not to say that I didn't enjoy Act I, I had a great time and of course the art and music were lovely! One of my main issues with Act I was a general feeling (to me) of inconsistency with the world. I feel like while it's super cool that they incorporated backer ideas, maybe it wasn't necessarily the best for a cohesive environment and could sometimes feel like a random mishmash. While a game like Grim Fandango definitely had crazy stuff (demons! cat race tracks!) it still felt like a world with understandable 'rules' that I could imagine being in- which was something I didn't feel when first playing Broken Age. (Is the tree magic? Why is this modern hipster dude here? Are these living knitted dolls or robots? What kind of world is this?) Act II helped with some of this feeling for me by switching the characters into each others' environments. It was just nice to get a new perspective, and to have a little more opportunity to ask some questions about things. The puzzle difficulty was also much better (again, for me) in Act II. I have a few friends who hadn't previously played any adventure games who were pretty challenged by the Act I puzzles, but I felt like I went right through almost all of them. This one had me good and stuck a few times, and actually made me leave to go eat/think for a while/go to bed, before coming back and finally cracking it. Funnily enough the only puzzle that had me totally stumped in both acts were the two puzzles with the peach as a solution, which I stupidly somehow forgot to pick up BOTH times. Oops. (Thanks Double Fine hint line!) Everything else, while it may have taken a little while, I was eventually able to work out and get that nice satisfying feeling of "YES, I AM THE SMARTEST." Overall I had such a wonderful time with the game, and particularly with the documentary episodes! I'm happy to have the game out so I can play it, but a little sad to see the entire experience come to an end. I'm for sure going to give the game another playthrough from beginning to end (this time I only picked up again at the beginning of Act II) and see anything I may have missed.
  3. I'm all for releasing it so that others can see it, though to be honest I'm not really sure how much it will do to change minds- some people are determined to be negative. I can also see how releasing a previously exclusive backer reward could cause some blowback itself... tricky situation I guess. But I would love to be able to show the documentary to friends! Whatever you choose to do is fine with me.
  4. The spoon is fun, but my vote's gotta go for Vella and Shay!
  5. Yes, I was switching back and forth throughout the game, and definitely saw what was coming. To me, it was made a little bit too obvious by the fact that the last "creature" that Shay would try to grab had Vella's little hair doo-dad. Still whole-heartedly enjoyed it though!
  6. Yaaayyy I'm so excited to play! And help find bugs. It's so close now!
  7. Hooray, backer beta in January (probably)! Happy birthday to me! I'm so excited to play, it was looking gorgeous at Day of the Devs.
  8. Conrad


    Ooohhh super useful and cool to know! Thanks so much for posting brushes/information on how you do this stuff! It's always fascinating to see how people work.
  9. Oh man it looks great! I didn't get to play the demo very long, (huge line) so I can't comment too much on puzzle stuff, but the art and animation looked way better than I imagined from the little bits I've seen in the documentary. I mean, that makes sense since it was all early stuff in the documentary, but still! Totally beautiful!
  10. Thank you for the update! I personally don't mind when it's a while between episodes (it's a lot of work!), but it's always great to get an update on when we can expect to see things! Thanks for all your hard work, and I can't wait to see the new episode.
  11. Hooray, I had so much fun at the PAX fan meetup last year! I hope this year it will still be during the weekend and not on Monday... because I will not be there on Monday.
  12. I can't wait for a new episode! Excited to see more of the game. And voice stuff! Exciting! Also, I look forward to an interview on the whole "debacle", if only to have something to point non-backer friends to rather than launching into a long explanation myself.
  13. Oh man, trying to fill this out just made me realize that I have NOT done enough fleshing out for one of the two main characters of the comic I'm working on at the moment. Yikes!!! Time to do a lot more thinking. Thanks for posting these!
  14. Yikes, I just went and took a look around at some news sites. Very unfortunate. Kinda rude to take that information from a private backer update, and ruder to put it out there with pretty much no context. Ruder still to post negative, misleading headlines for something that's not necessarily a negative thing *coughcoughkotakucough*. All these readers of those sites who didn't back don't have all this background and the documentary, and there's lots of bad feelings going around out there. I'm okay with this splitting up the game, though I would really rather wait for it all to come out at once. But the first part is supposed to come out in January, which is when my birthday is! So that's cool. The one thing that I can agree does seem a little iffy is the delay of this episode's release until after Massive Chalice. I definitely understand why, though. I would still have backed it, I get that it's a different team and all that, but I don't know about the effect that might have on the general gaming public. A smart decision, but one that comes off a little badly looking in from the outside in retrospect. I'm still happy, and I'm willing to deal with delays! And I'm much happier to have a bigger, prettier game. I just hope all this leaked story stuff doesn't have too negative an impact on Double Fine's image in general. Hrm.
  15. I initially did back this project, because I enjoyed The Neverhood when I played it a long time ago. However, as I learned more about the creator, and after a lot of thinking, I found myself reluctantly withdrawing my pledge. This whole subject of separating art from artist is something that I've found myself having a lot of conversations with friends about recently, especially with the upcoming release of Ender's Game (a book which I loved in middle school, but will definitely not be seeing the movie for.) It's made even more complicated when it's not just one person working on these things. Doug TenNapel is certainly not the only person creating Armikrog, and the fact that multiple people are involved makes the decision all the more difficult. I guess in the end it's really a personal decision, and I simply find it difficult to support someone who says hateful things about people I care about.
  16. That was totally great! And, I'm glad you were able to get something out of my long ramble!
  17. Oh, as a companion to my video, here's a much more in-depth, even more rambly blog post that I made about the whole thing back when the kickstarter was still going on and emotions were runnin' high... BUT it does have a picture of Chris and I visiting DF back in ye olde 2005, and a picture of the super awesome card they sent Chris. So you guys can, you know, just scroll past the rambling until you see pictures or whatever. http://conleysdoodles.tumblr.com/post/17419384614/a-way-too-long-post-about-my-experiences-with-double
  18. It's not my favorite genre of game, but there's just no way I can say no to Brad's smiling face. So, backed it!
  19. Sorry for being a little rambly, I had a lot of thoughts to try to condense into a short time. Also, SPOILERS: Chris is totally okay. I realized right at the end that I forgot to say so and I had to stick in a little disclaimer, haha. _Ea_Ry0B5Hw I called up Chris to make sure it was alright to talk about all this, and told him to send one in, too. I hope he does!
  20. Oh man, I'll have to submit something! But what to even say? SO MANY OPTIONS.
  21. Conrad

    New Arts!

    I've been all excited about BrĂ¼tal Legend lately, what with the PC release and art book and all. So a new drawing!
  22. Agreed on liking "The Cut" best, but it being so similar to The Cave. The one I liked the least is Young Monsters, perhaps for instantly making me think of "Little Monsters". Ergh D: None of them really jumped out at me... but I am also TERRIBLE at naming things. So I'm sure whatever you guys pick will be far better than anything I could come up with.
  23. Great episode! The game is looking fantastic, and I can't wait to play.
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