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  1. How dark is the game suppose to be? I can hardly see anything and I'm not sure if it's just my computer or how the game is suppose to be! I pick up the (what I think is) newspaper but it's completely black and can't read if there is anything on it!
  2. My daughter and I playing through some of Broken Age! The game is awesome and I really enjoyed it, congrats to all at Double Fine! Thank you!
  3. I feel like a lot of things in Act 1 were SUPPOSE to be more difficult but because of money things had to be cut, reminded me of Monkey Island 3 where you could play on Mega Monkey mode or just the normal game, in the normal game things were already done for you but in Mega you had to collect certain things and do them yourself! I kinda wish if the game does well for them to go back to Act 1 and maybe make it a little more difficult ! I'm so excited for Act 2! My biggest wish is that they make it more explorable! I'm hoping we get a chance to see more of Sugar Bunting!
  4. Loved it *****SPOILERS******* So do you think the girls are actually alive in the cargo bay?
  5. I kinda had a similar feeling of "that's it?" I also enjoyed every moment of game play but it was just over way to fast! I didn't find the puzzles all the difficult but I also grew up on adventure games so I guess I'm just well prepared! I hope this games does extremely well so that they can go on making adventure games!
  6. Collected Jesse's egg from the tree roots, went back on top of the cloud, fell through a cloud hole, when placed back on top of the Cloud Vella says "I lost Jesse's egg, I hope the roots caught it" went back down and egg was not there....I had to restart the entire game! Tried to complete other tasks and kept checking back to see if it would re-appear, restarting the game was the only thing that worked!
  7. Just finished eating my lunch, put both my kiddos down for a nap and now I'm patiently waiting until I can download!!!! AHHH SO excited !!
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