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  1. they're still selling this on steam at 22,99€. Personally i think it's hard to view as anything else then a complete ripoff. I invested in the EA, and i agree that's my gamble: i feel like the game is abandoned, which is a shame, but i can live with that. Continue to sell it at full price however... auch
  2. This looks intriguing, i'm totally in love with the concept, but right now i already have spacebase & massive chalice not really moving all that much (and still waiting vor act 2 of broken age). What do you guys recon, is it already time to jump in or am i going to receive a small tech-demo?
  3. guys really, what the hell is wrong with you people. Sure the guy might have been a bit too direct with his critique for comfort, but you can hardly say he's trolling! He does make a point which plenty of other people also made. I don't agree with the way he made his point, but nonetheless, he backed for 100$, so you can bet he's a real fan of Tim's work. Now when a fan is disappointed with your game, it's in your own intrest to at least listen to his point. DF won't gain anything at all from people just saying how stellar they are, nothing improves a product/company/whatever like constructive criticism, you need to stay in touch with reality and every interpretation of your game can be a meaningful one! The community gets a say in the project for good AND bad, we shouldn't be afraid af saying what we think. Some people take al this way too personal! it's only a game, people are dying in syria for christ's sake!
  4. I think we can all agree on one thing: Tim should give it another go and keep making adventure games!! I think he's just a bit rusty and needs to get back in the game (and that way we get our fix too, WIN-WIN BABY)
  5. I put this in another thread somewhere, but i feel their characters are defined well enough, but in the excentric and interesting world we have in DFA they are just very 'normal' and don't have a lot of personality too them. On the one hand this is nice because it makes them easy to relate to them, but on the other hand: would you wear a T-shirt with shay's head printed on it? Don't think so... would you wear one with homer simpson on it: yes please!
  6. Wow I find this such a profoundly weird view. I actually think that on the whole, these are some of Tim's best defined protagonists, and some of the better ones I've seen in adventure games. Guybrush was essentially a cipher, only really defined by his relative naivety compared to everyone else in the world and an air of mischief. We learn practically nothing about him until the later games attempt to pin down his personality in more certain terms. Manny is a great character, but we (quite deliberately) don't hear much about how he became the person he is, because it's not particularly relevant to the story being told. Sure, he's a grim reaper wage slave too which I guess is inherently interesting, but that's what he does, rather than who he is. And while Ben from Full Throttle is wonderfully written, he's also basically the gruff-but-well-intentioned/lovable archetype. Which is to say, I love these characters but I don't think there's anything really inherently interesting about them as characters. They become interesting by participating in the stuff that happens to them in the games. On the other hand we have Shay who has lived all his life alone in an environment he's increasingly growing out of, and is straining against the walls of his cage - that's interesting from the outset, there's a constant tension between the grudging acceptance of his predicament and his needs as a person which really defines the character. Vella is a little less well defined; we don't really discover how she came to be the way she is but we know that she sees herself as different to how society wants her to be, and I hope we get to hear a bit more about that in Act 2. I felt I understood the characters at least as well as I did in those old games, sometimes a little more. Certainly more than I ever understood Guybrush (who again, I love) hmmm maybe you're right about the 'not-knowing' the characters, but you've got to admit: shay & vella are a lot less quirky than the previous protagonists and therefore less memorable? I think a lot has to do with the amount of dialog we have to get to know your characters. As we have a 4-hour game that's split in 2 characters, we basically only have 2 hours to get to know them each, which is quite a short time.
  7. Gotta say, nathan posed an interesting question that revealed an important problem with broken age, i feel. Tim was asked why he made the decision to make shay and vella basically 'empty' characters so we can project our own character through them. Tim replied he thought that shay and vella did have interesting characters to them... this seemed a bit odd to me as indeed: the conversations you have with NPC can't be influenced at all by the conversation options you choose (unlike the telltale games). This limits the way you can project yourself in the game. Then it dawned on me: RPS just meant to say, in the most polite way: shay and vella are boring characters.... This reminds me a lot about what redlettermedia said about the star wars prequels. Let me just apply their logic on BA I just replayed full throttle yesterday. Ben is an awesome protagonist (even looks like the mighty Tim himself, but with the added bonus of being voiced by duke nukem'!). Thinking about the others: guybrush threepwood, manny calavera,... all iconic characters. You can easily write an essay about their personality. Now try to do the same with shay & vella.... A typical example for a lens-like protagonist is james bond or indiana jones. They want us to project ourselves through the actor, but it only works when you have a sexy sean connery or a young harisson ford playing on screen. Some random stranger with wooden acting and zero character just wouldn't work, i feel more awesome than that! Now i'm not saying shay & vella are badly written characters, but they're teenagers. So: inherently boring It doesn't help you have all these eccentric people surrounding them to enhance their contrasting boringness. I'd rather play as the kids up in the cloud colony! Now again, Tim said he didn't feel this way because he knows what will happen in act2, so i'm pretty confident the characters will come into their own.
  8. Yeah, the format was a bit weird too.. too much happening at once. What was really cool was that we got to ask tim some questions through the chatbox. I hope the reds team could do something like this: a playthrough with their comments while viewers can ask some questions
  9. still something missing, but i'm a fussy customer The story was absolutely great! The locations, the dialogs, everything was so well thought out and neatly constructed, the world really felt alive. And for a 100% fantasy world (and even multiple worlds) AND create a cohesive universe, that's a great achievement. The only thing i missed was simply: more of it. I like having long conversations with characters, or plenty of options to choose from and influence the conversation in that way, but now it felt more like something that was barely interactive. I think this feeling was amplified by the easyness of the puzzles. It felt more like watching a movie than actively trying to make your way through this wonderful world. I almost all of the negative feedback stems from this: you give us this magical and interesting world to explore, but then put us in some cart and give it a shove down some rails like a disney ride. I don't believe this was a conscious choice, but mostly due to lack of funds/time. Again, it's because the game's so frikkin' lovely that everybody longs for more... I'm curious how i will feel about it after playing part 1 & 2 back to back!
  10. yeah the game is undoubtebly very good, but definitly falls short of expectations. this is the first really big kickstarter that gets released, and we're seeing quite a bit of disappointed backers. Wouldn't it be hugely ironic if tim first killed adventure games with grim fandango, and now kills crowdsourcing with broke age? ( i kid, i kid, i think the game is gonna turn out absolutely fine)
  11. Don't forget inflation combined with they already did some adventure games before those games. Like full throttle would be like 2.3 mil now. Grim Fandango 4.4mil Yeah, fully agree... it's probably a lot closer in terms of budget then it seems, but still: they were full games!
  12. something that puts all this in perspective (from the grim fandango wiki) http://www.eurogamer.net/articles/2012-02-10-double-fine-adventure-passes-day-of-the-tentacle-budget full throttle: 1.5M day of the tentacle: 600K grim fandango: 3M really don't get this.... Don't forget the gains from the humble bundle also went to broken age
  13. The thing that bites me most is the super-ugly low res zoomed in backgrounds. Da fuk??? Really DF, it's such a beautiful looking game... don't waste all that gorgeous artwork by creating ugly blurred-jpg-artifacted backgrounds! Did Bagel cost that much to create some high-res stuff or let him draw close-ups? It looks so incredibly unpolished and cheap... such a shame.
  14. I've been wondering the whole morning after completing the first act on how to express how i felt about it and i have to say: i fully agree with the topic starter. Yes it's good, but something is out of sync. Maybe my expectations were unreasonably high (i backed for 170€ so i might have overdone it for a bit on the expectations front). But again: did i really expect too much? The budget seemed so astronomical at the time. Especially after the humble bundle etc. Compared to other games, the budget still seems very high compared to what's been delivered. I agree for 100%: i want to see how it was spent. I think this is as interesting for the developers as it is for the backers, as i'm starting to think maybe DF has some efficiency issues in general?
  15. Played 2 hours sofar (gotta go to work soon so need to get some shuteye) and have to say: not only the road to getting up to this point with the documentaries, the forum comments, etc has been pure gold, but what a game!! You guys have really outdone yourselves, i had high expectations, but guys, you have reached a whole other level for adventure games. The visuals, animation, storytelling, music, voice and just the overall feel of the game is fantastic... I'm really grateful you guys went above and (way) beyond the kickstarter promise, thank you so much! ps: the linux port is made of pure love and puppies, i wanna hugg all of you!!
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