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  1. Agreed. I just wanted to say, this makes them look bad and they might want to check their production team, because this could`ve been avoided - and if they did so, they wouldn`t have to make so many compromises so late in the production cycle. Edit: Oh and concerning the "just a couple of more months" - scheduled release for the Kickstarter was October 2012. So January is already a 15 months delay from the first announcement. And I think it`s pretty probable, that we won`t be playing this game in January... But again, I am not complaining. I am loving the documentary and I am happy to wait for Tim`s dream game. Even if we have to wait till 2015.
  2. I am not arguing here. But the point is: it is possible to make an adventure game for the money they got. It might`ve been a lot shorter, it might not have had Bagelstyle art, but a short, 5 hour adventure game with pixelart would`ve been perfectly possible. What they should`ve done is analyze what they can do with the money or figure out how to get more money so that they can finish the game. I don`t think many backers expected a full fledged adventure with state of the art presentation when they saw the low asking price and the short production time. People expected a short little adventure that proved to the world, that adventure games are not dead - and that brought back the memories of old Lucas Arts times. And if that were successful, they could do a state of the art adventure.
  3. Let me start this by saying: I am perfectly fine with waiting for the finished game, however long it takes. BUT: this whole process actually redeemed publishers a little bit (that has gotten a bad press lately). Tim might be a genious game designer and Double Fine a great game studio, but without the pressure of a money giver, they look like a chicken with their head cut off. They seem to not have a real understanding of budgeting and scheduling a game - it`s as simple as that. After they knew, how much money they got, they should have thought of a realistic scope for this game - and after let`s say every month they should check, if they are still on schedule or how much their delay costs them. At some point they should have noticed: this is getting to big, we need to do something - earlier rather than later. With a publisher, this wouldn`t have happened. Now it seems like they are those "artists" that know everything about game design but nothing about getting it done. We`ll see, how there model of releasing it in 2 parts works out - I am fine with it. But they should really think about either going back to work with a publisher or hiring someone, that knows how to finish a game with a certain budget.
  4. Thanks for the post, very interesting read. You are doing a great job on the documentary - actually your work alone is worth my kickstarter pledge, the game is just a bonus at this point. Just try to keep us more in the loop on the status of the next episode. I think most people fully understand if something takes a little longer than expected, it just can be a little frustrating to visit the site every day expecting a new episode and getting nothing. So just a little: "we are still working on the post processing, we are aiming to release it on the XX, but bare with us if we can`t make that date". But all in all, just continue doing what youre doing.
  5. Any news or maybe a release date? I'm anxious to get the new episode...
  6. Great episode, way better than the last one! How many people are working on the game in total? Oh, and it's great to get some insider information about the game... Remember, you don't have to sell it to us, so keep those little concept ideas coming, even if they don't end up in the game.
  7. Top of Mount Everest crypts under the streets of Rome NASA Antarctica Inside the Mind of a Genius/crazy person/criminal... Double Fine Studios Inside the Street Art Paintings of Banksy
  8. Any news on when we can expect the next Episode? I am really Looking forward to it...
  9. Kickstarter is like a better investor for Double Fine, because the backers don't want as much back as they invested, while investors want more back than they invested. Anyone who gave more money than the actual cost of the game is basically "gifting" money, because all the extra perks cost less than people Pay for it. And when the Game is released all the sales will go directly to Double Fine. So don't worry about Double Fine, this is a real Sweet deal for them.
  10. Well, I am sorry if it came across this way. I do not think I am in any way superior or that my opinions are more important than any one elses. I actually tried to say in an exaggerated and mildly funny way: woah, some guys should take a step back. People are acting like this is a sure hit, when there is a Good possibility that some people will go away really disappointed. I didn't mean any bad blood. English is not my native language so I might have missed the right tone. Sorry to anyone I might have agitated. Oh and about the Beatles thing. I know that imagine was a Lennon Song - that actually was my point. After their split they individually couldn't keep on producing so high quality songs, except for a couple of masterpieces like Imagine (or Maybe I'm Amazed). With all that said, let's forget any Bad vibes and just be excited for this Project. I know I am.
  11. I wasn't implying that everyone on here was just blindly following a god like Game Designer... I merely thought after reading a lot of overly enthusiastic posts, that SOME people could use a little perspective. I don't mean that in a condescending way and I don't want to take away any excitement for this project. Actually I am extremely excited and can't wait to hear more about this game. I love to have 2 legendary (let's not forget about Ron Gilbert here) Game Designers be set free to make the game of their dreams. But the whole process might end up being more exciting than the finished product...
  12. It is not a matter of the validity of his points, this thread is simply... inappropriate. No reasonable person will claim that Tim Schafer is beyond criticism and without need of advice or direction or that he is incapable of making missteps. Nevertheless he is one of the most acclaimed adventure game designers in the short history of the medium with an admirable record (even Brutal Legend which I understand is his most controversial game yet, isn't really considered 'bad'). Therefore no reasonable person can claim that he is not a professional and that he doesn't know his job as well or better than anyone in his profession, and even though I'm sure suggestions are always welcome, there's a big difference between pointing out things that you'd like to see and outright teaching an experienced professional how to do his job. That was never my intention and I have a huge deal of respect for Tim Schafer. I was just overwhelmed by the cult like following and the certainty that Tim Schafer can't fail. There is a big probability that this game won't be the greatest adventure since Grim Fandango and I think some people should lower their expectations or their unconditional love might turn into burning rage... This is a special and exciting project - we'll have to wait and see if there is a special game at the end of the road.
  13. I was talking about the thread in this forum - actually not a top 10 list but a survey with about 30-50 games on it.
  14. Nö, I didn't care too much for Brütal Legend. Custom Quest was kinda Fun and Stacking was nice in concept but a little boring to play. If you think of the best game designers of the last 10 years, most people wouldn't come up with Tim Schafer. His time were the 90s. Now he has a chance to prove, that when he has complete creative control and can work in his favorite genre, that he can still be a genius.
  15. Actually I am not trying to be trolling ;-). I just have the feeling that a lot of people here are sure that the game has to be great because ist is Tim Schafer. And a lot has happened since his big days... There might be a cult following behind Pschonauts - but it is way smaller than the cult following of his Lucas Arts titles. And all of his other games might be nice but nothing more than that. Actually pretty unimpressive small games if you ask me. Fun? Sure. But nothing special. There is a reason why they haven't sold really well and it's not because of the marketing. Like I Said I am excited for this project - I kept refreshing the forums yesterday for the documentary, which I ended up loving. I just think some people are having expectations that will have to be disappointed. Oh and as for my suggestions - sure they know those things better than me. It's just nice to feel like you are part of the process. Maybe our suggestions end up improving the finished product.
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