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  1. My friend and co. believe you over season something if "paprika" is whispered in the next room. Can't scare them off too soon.
  2. I'm making a mild white chili for one of my friend's family pretty soon. I'm trying to decided between using shredded chicken thighs or ground turkey, but it's an easier recipe.
  3. Grilled pimento cheese sandwiches is good. Edit: if you want meat and/or additional vegetables on your pimento cheese sandwich, use shredded chicken and spinach.
  4. We need to bring back The Thing level body horror in horror movies.
  5. I have been absolutely miserable from allergies and other minor-yet-annoying physical ailments the past few days.
  6. I am making a "deconstructed" blueberry pie/tart thing tommorow. Basically I'm putting the crust into either muffin or muffin top pans and cooking the filling on the stovetop, then putting warm filling into the finished pie shells.
  7. Let's keep this topic pleasant.
  8. Sonic has a long running, popular fandom. It's pretty tame compared to a lot of stuff out there. Not everything has to be the best or the worst, Epic.
  9. Honestly all fandoms get pretty, well, weird when you dig deep enough. Or look at DeviantArt.
  10. While not technically NSFW I believe that may be in poor taste, hot. -Feddlemod
  11. A good paint job provides some addition protection to the device, so I think I'll keep saving. (I do like the toaster stickers, though.)
  12. I'm saving up to get a switch with a custom paint job. >_>;
  13. Can you give us some background information? Is this petition for keeping the comic going or archiving it?
  14. Also like somewhere in the region of 10-20 colleges run by various christian-derived cults.
  15. This sounds like a meal you split with people.