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  1. Thank you guys. Reading this stuff means a lot to me (and all of the team). Really appreciate it <3
  2. And don't forget the sewage! I uh....would very much like to forget that.... On rainy days Olympic Deli would be nice enough to let us use their restrooms. Speaking of which they made great BLT's....and I'm pretty sure Matt Franklin once saved that place from burning down. And since we left, it burned down..... that was me that noticed the fire ! but matt was there, and thien, and we helped put it out. but yes, it burned down once we moved
  3. It sounds like you ran into a bug, the one I posted about earlier in the thread. There is an easier way to get out of it than the steps you describe, which is to pick the "You stay here.." option in the dialog tree with F'ther. We'll have an update coming with the real fix. Really sorry you ran into it. Thanks to everyone who posted here, we tracked it down! UPDATE: the dialog option I posted was wrong. Should be "Hang on. I'm going to get a new diagram and be right back!"
  4. Could you elaborate? I couldn't figure out how that logic would make sense, especially with how Shay's version of this puzzle works. You can end up with already normal head and one of the teleporters saying to you that you have to return with the other one to bring it back to normal. Seems like you have to use the teleporters not only in correct order, but also in somewhat correct direction - and I fail to see how the working direction should be more correct than the not working one. Sure, yeah. The Teleporter Malfunctions that Shay and Vella encounter work differently. Shay's head is not allowed to enlarge above his regular size or shrink below a threshold (this part is same as Vella's, except hers can't shrink or grow above a threshold). If you travel back around in an attempt to shrink his head without using all three teleporters, his head will toggle shrinking/growing (e.g. Teleporter room->Storage Room (Shay's head will shrink one size), walk to Play Room Hallway Teleporter->Teleporter Room (Shay's head will shrink one size), walk to Storage Room->Teleporter Room (Shay's head will *enlarge* one size)). The teleporters don't toggle the head growing direction, though, for Vella. If you've used it once in one direction, enlarging again via the same method will not work -- the teleporter will not open at all, as opposed to toggling the head back one step as it did for Shay. I think we did it this way for a good reason, but I don't recall exactly what it was. Maybe so that teleporting you to the Storage Room after getting the first and third question wrong from Mom will be less likely to mess up your head size (after some playtests). Either way, the malfunction already exhibits itself slightly differently for Vella and Shay, so it does stay consistent in terms of the motivation, but it's true that the teleporters don't seem to be aware of it.
  5. There is a bug (a visual glitch that makes a door appear to be usable when it isn't -- fixed in next update) related to this, but the logic is as intended. I believe I responded to someone who sent an email about this in support, but just putting it out there for anyone else who runs across this.
  6. Hi guys, it turns out there is a bug in the puzzle if you failed it once and walked around, instead of using the teleport option. We have a fix for it coming next week, but in the meantime, to fix up your game, pick the dialog option "You stay here.." in F'ther's dialog tree (teleport option). UPDATE: the dialog option I posted was wrong. Should be "Hang on. I'm going to get a new diagram and be right back!"
  7. Yeah, good point, we gotta fix that. Hopefully part of the next update!
  8. The translations are there -- you just have to turn on the subtitles and pick the language you'd like.
  9. I believe we shipped with one scene where the voices were swapped, but you may be the first person ever to notice it !
  10. As Bert mentioned, we did make an effort to account for color blindness, but I can see how it would be difficult to pick up on the color in the scorched version. It's possible we may be able to fix it. Thank you for bringing it up! I hope at least the wires were clear?
  11. Really happy to hear you say this. That the player is represented/implied as a force or a sort of character in the game.
  12. if you email your save to support@doublefine.com, we should be able to fix it for you.
  13. Make sure you are in the special backer beta branch on Steam.
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