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  1. Please please please put it/these on the double fine store or something. I'll take all 3! If not all 3 then spoon, but if not on the DF Store then none, if I can't have one... NO ONE CAN! MWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA
  2. This is the most amazing timing. I've spent most of my day digging around the internets researching methods of handling text localization and tools for making it easier. Just before I go to bed I check my feeds to find a DFA update and it's on the very topic! While I may not need the flexibility of moving text around much it's still a nice window into one way to handle such things. I'd love to hear more; I'm just not sure what questions to ask at this point. Either way thanks for the great write up!
  3. This is a top notch start to what should turn out to be a fantastic adventure game by it's completion in Act 2. I've played through the entirety of Act 1 and it's definitely a work of art. Initially I harbored some concern about the puzzle difficulty but in the end they balance out pretty well. The character switching mechanic is ingenious and I highly recommend that you take advantage of it's presence. The artwork is superb, the pacing is excellent, the scenarios are comical, and the gameplay is right where you'd expect a modern day adventure game aspiring to the heights of mt. nostalgia to be.
  4. I've only played Shay's portion of the story so far but what I can say at this point is the length is just fine, it's the difficulty of the puzzles that needs a bit of fine tuning. The solutions pretty much slapped me in the face every time. I'm hopeful and it sounds like Vella's side of things is a bit harder but only just slightly. Admittedly a bit of the disappointment I'm feeling is the let down from 2 years of hype; also hoping the let down results in a more realistic viewpoint and I'll find Vella's side more fascinating.
  5. Why don't you make one? Didn't realize I could; thought there was only the Double Fine and 2 Player Productions section. Been a while since I've haunted the forum...
  6. It's been such a long journey with only slightly fewer crumbs along the way then I would have liked. Thanks for being so forth coming in the documentary and thanks for letting us have this little window into the life and adventures of game development. Thanks to the entire development/art/etc team, thanks to everyone at Double Fine regardless of touching this game or not simply for being there to take care of business so others could work on this game. Thanks to 2 Player Productions for filming this monumental project. Can't wait to get my hands on the game and marathon the documentary at some point. Basically, just thanks.
  7. Any chance we could get a Reaction/Spoilers thread to chat about the game? Seems best to call out possible spoilers right in the thread title.
  8. So excited for the release! Debating about calling in sick tomorrow, I think I'm coming down with something. *cough* *cough*
  9. I didn't really care for any of the options in the survey list but I agree with many of the folks here: The Divide Worlds Apart are both good options and of course I like my suggesiton: Down to earth.
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