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  1. I love the music when the girl is standing on the fields. I hope they keep that in.
  2. That part where Tim was sitting at Ron's old desk, all sad and stuff and then suddenly hugging it, just kills me. =))
  3. I was initially apathetic to the art style from the documentaries but seeing this now, I'm a convert. And I'm glad to see that the boy and the girl are teenagers, and not typical little brats.
  4. I agree. And it has layers that only makes itself clearer when you play through it again. Things that make you go, "Yeah, how did I miss that on my first time through?"
  5. I don't know if anyone know of this yet although with how the game has been critically acclaimed by most anyone who has played it, I really can't imagine not one of us here has at least heard of it but anyway, this wonderful, beautiful adventure-ish game has just been released on Steam last Friday. Has anyone aside from me bought it yet? This has been one of the best, most emotional games I have had the pleasure of playing in recent memory. IMO it even trumps most of the AAA titles played and can easily give any point-n-click adventure a run for its money in terms of sheer story. The music is just flat out one of the best I have played. I've been having it on loop for a day now and each time, it doesn't fail to trigger a poignant memory from the game. Seriously, it's worth the $10 you can spend for the CE edition. It's currently 20% off until September 16, if anyone's interested: http://store.steampowered.com/app/206440/
  6. Final Fantasy games though are not of the same genre as P&C adventures. You can complete an RPG without having to finish sidequests and for the most part, all RPGs (and JRPGs in particular) do not require you to have a guide. Unless you meant the gold chocobo breeding in FFVII in which case, yeah, that was hella eff'ed up.
  7. Please please please let there be an easter egg about us backers!
  8. As someone who has been drawing since he was a kid, this is my favorite episode so far. All the concept arts are feeding into my head and I have these ideas that I want to churn out of my Wacom. BRB drawing.
  9. Conceptart.org has this implemented pretty nicely. Right below your post, you will see the names of all the people who have liked your comment and you will see the total number of liked comments you have received so far on any of your posts.
  10. As someone who regularly paints digitally and makes artworks, I can assure you, that painting is NOT as simple as it looks like. The careful selection of the hue and value is not just "red and yellow". The painted effect is very hard to get, especially if this was done digitally. Also, I don't see how you can think that the poster would be about the game when they are still in the pre-viz stage, if at that.
  11. I'd rather they take as long as they want to make sure that the game meets everyone's standards. I, for one, can afford to wait. I still have, like, a gazillion Steam games on backlog anyway.
  12. Awesome as always, 2PP! Excitedly looking forward to Part 4.
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