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  1. DoubleFine's Internet Knocked Out

  2. Daily Documentary Delays

    Oh and as for Asif, I voted from him myself so I was more than happy he got this chance
  3. Daily Documentary Delays

    Nor I. I wasn't suggesting what had come out was anything less than quality work. I was just wondering if there was not some way to have someone, even with something as basic as recording some stuff on a phone, to get some daily stuff out. (An intern, work placement, some dude off the street ) Of course that takes time too, and I guess a lot of stuff has to be cleared by DF to ensure nothing secret is seen. We're still getting the doc at some point so it's all good. Was more speculating for other options in future AFs, should they occur. You guys are still the best, you are our window into all of this. Without you we'd have nothing We love you, man!
  4. Daily Documentary Delays

    I've backed several double fine projects now, and followed the two previous AF events closely. I agree that the documentary needs to be given priority, I go back and watch old videos from them, and DFA from time to time and very much enjoy them. Not having live streams was not an issue for me, the effort to set them up and run them is probably far greater than the reward from watching them. However some sort of daily update is why I pay to be 'involved' in AF, if that wasn't the meaning of the Humble Bundle then my bad for the interpretation I guess, though it was based on the previous events. I'm not expecting the updates to be finished quality, they don't need to be all subtitled and colour corrected, with perfect sound. I just like to feel like I am following the progress of the teams and seeing how their games are looking. I'd be perfectly ok if these videos where not up on a public platform like YouTube where people could criticise their rushed appearance. Save that for the final documentaries that's fine. But a small chat with each lead each day, along with some shots of their respective teams working on the games so I can see what's moved on from the previous day is all I need. Maybe that's a bigger ask than I realise... Either way, next time there certainly needs to be a clear decision on what we will see during the event, as well as what will come later. I'm more than happy to pay for access to the AF process, but I'd like to know what I'm actually going to get for that investment upfront. I hope that's not coming across as too negative. I love the work DF and 2PP do for us to keep us in the loop more than most dev groups. I'm just trying the get some perspective on if I'll stump up cash to back again next time.
  5. Day 8 Update

  6. Day Five Update - Now with more lava!

    Oh a hint of Sunset Overdrive... I like it!
  7. Daily Documentary Delays

    Sadly have to agree. My excitement for AF has kind of fallen off, feels like I'm watching something that's already happened rather than following along. It's a shame, but understandable given the setup. On the plus side Asif's game it looking pretty cool so far!
  8. who is the new camera oparator?

    In a few years we'll have Amnesia Fortnight docs, and then a documentary crew following 2PP to produce a show about filming Amnesia Fortnight!
  9. Daily Documentary Delays

    Having watched the Day 0 and Day 1 vids I can assure you the quality is still there. Keep on doin' what you're doin'!
  10. Outside (Greg Rice)

    Ah, too bad. I had this down as a dead cert myself. Better luck next time @Greg Rice
  11. Congrats @Asif Siddiky! This looked like a real run idea as I've mentioned. So glad it got picked. A fun two weeks ahead. Hopefully more actual fun than Dwarf Fortress 'FUN' but we'll see
  12. Darwin's Dinner (Devin Kelly-Sneed)

    Congrat on the selection! Bring on the challange! Have fun everyone.
  13. Empath (Kee Chi)

    Such an intriguing pitch this one! Would love to see it get picked to see where it goes. Can imagine things getting real complex real fast from the programming perspective though. But hey, that's where the fun is right?
  14. Outside (Greg Rice)

    Was thinking the same thing. Field trip to collect sound samples anyone???
  15. Darwin's Dinner (Devin Kelly-Sneed)

    Really liking this idea. I love games where there are systems in place, but how things progress are based on how the player interacts with those systems to create their own paths which aren't necessarily designed by the creator. Loving some of the ideas here like creatures becoming poisonous, which presumable would be indicated by colouring as it often is in nature. Perhaps then though some just look poisonous in imitation of those that survived the last eating frenzy before the players hibernation (guessing some sort of hibernation for us to give the population a chance to multiply whilst we're not eating them ) Maybe that could be the goal each time, need to eat enough to survive your hibernation, don;t eat enough and you awake in a weakened state, eat too much you get bonuses the next year but the population of creatures becomes to low to flourish, or perhaps suffers from mutations making them less nutritious. Damn it, I'm thinking way too much about this