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  1. Everybody found "that one place" because you can't get further in the game without being thrown off the dock. It's still death. Even if it is, as suejak understandably puts it, tongue in cheek. Just like my original statement.
  2. The quality of the, I'll call texturing, in some places is kinda bad as it just zooms into the image rather than scaling it, or it doesn't scale well. Eg. if you zoom into a jpeg and see the artifacting. Story progression felt unbalanced, comparatively, in either halves.
  3. The Secret of Monkey Island had death. It worked, only because it was referenced and it was comical. "No way they'd actually add that i-- oooh"
  4. Pits. I had zero association that I would get pits from a fruit. Maybe it's because I'm from the UK, maybe it's because I've always called them seeds or 'pips' for some reason, or maybe I've always miss-heard them as pips; but more so I associate them as seeds. This play on words alluded me. I also didn't realise which branch on the tree was the lowest hanging one because of the perspective and the clouds being behind it looking no different. I just clicked all over.
  5. These are really hard/impossible to find now. I only managed to play these as part of a demo, ScummVM is working on supporting them too.
  6. I quite liked this. Then a bug in the game stopped me from finishing it due to being unable to pull out the tri-corder during an away mission. I was crestfallen. It's still sat on my shelf, apparently there were patches released? but I couldn't get them at the time. No internet access.
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