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  1. Looks cool! Is it supposed to resemble a music note? Or is that just what I see in the pattern? Either way, I dig it. Thanks, I appreciate it. Yeah, I pretty much knew that I wanted a stylised treble clef as soon as the editor was available. The musical puns came later.
  2. So glad to see the video, been waiting for more documentary excitement. Also, Streetlight Manifesto hoodie sighting!
  3. I wasn't overly jazzed about any of them, I picked Small Offerings in the end though. My suggestion was Tearaways.
  4. - Some kind of Escher or Dhali painting. - A hall of mirrors or landscape made entirely out of mirrors - The center of the Earth - A beehive - A submersible
  5. This is definitely one of the most interesting articles on the forum, it's right up my street. Made me want to invest in After Effects again after all this time.
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