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  1. Good ole' Witchyworld! But honestly, I might be able to say the same for pretty much every level in the first two Banjo Kazooie games. Oh man, I have too many things I want to add to this list. It'd go on forever, though.
  2. Animator and costumer? YOU SOUND AWESOME ALREADY.
  3. A collar piece for a costume I'm doing. : ) Most of it requires sewing, but there are a few parts that are much easier to use glue on.
  4. Holy freakin' biscuits, my hot glue gun literally just spat fire at me. I am feeling ridiculously grateful I wasn't too close. Looks like I'll need to buy a new one now-- I knew something was wrong with that thing... o_o
  5. Spacestation Silicon Valley The game starts out with the two main characters, EVO and his human friend, crashing onto a hostile planet/spacestation called 'Silicon Valley', which was apparently an experiment to place artificial intelligence into robotic animals that went haywire and the animals ended up turning on their scientist creators and destroying them. The two main characters were advertised as 'heroes for hire' and sent to take control of the space station. Really, it's sort of a goofier Jurassic Park concept, when you think about it. In the beginning intro of the game, a robotic dog is killed in the crash, and EVO, now being a microchip without a body, hops into the corpse of the dead dog and takes control-- And that's where the game begins. So basically, you go through the game killing and taking the forms of various animals across the world in order to complete your objectives and finally get your body back. A few examples of the crazy animals you get to play as are: A fox on wheels, a rat that can drop explosive poop, a polar bear tank (that shoots cannonballs) and a wolf on ski's. And that's just one of the many ridiculous animals on the space station. The difficult part was always actually KILLING the animals so you could take their form, since some of them were especially hard to take down and you literally had to sneak up on them half the time, or else they'd spot you and kill you first. Anyway, I always thought it was a pretty fun concept and one I'd love to see redone and made better someday. The game was unfortunately, full of glitches and flaws and could've been so much more than it was.
  6. So, we made a trip to Whole Foods market and I was finally able to get a new box of Chocolate Puerh tea. I could not be happier right now.
  7. My favorite characters in the game are no doubt Skull Kid and the Happy Mask Salesman. :] Really did like the Deku Butler as well, though.
  8. Whoa, whoa, this is incredibly impressive! Scary, but in a GOOD WAY. I am loving this, dude. Can't wait to see what else you work on!
  9. I'm actually in the process of playing Majora's Mask for the first time and I have absolutely fallen in love with this game. There's just something incredibly intriguing about the world, characters and sense of dread over your head the entire time with the moon hanging over Termina. It really puts a realistic spin on things to have the three day time limit and creates a feeling of responsibility to the people around you in the game, and I've found that really neat. I also find the characters in the game very three dimensional and relatable, which I enjoy. While we're on this topic though, has anyone else heard of the Majora Opera project? That being said though... Oh man, I know a buttload of great games that were/are overlooked. Gonna try and type up a post for later!
  10. Totally ecstatic about those as well. I loved the original Frankenweenie as a child, so seeing it hit the big screen again is beyond awesome.
  11. Hi, Martina! Honestly, I just wanted you to know that I get how you feel, seriously. What hurts the most is that what you're feeling so frustrated over is also the thing you enjoy doing more than anything. It's hard to deal with, and I'm still learning to get through it, myself. But if it means anything, I think you have a cute and colorful style and I would be very happy to give you feedback on the things you post. Also, seeing your characters takes me back to when I used to do a lot of stuff with my own Psychonauts fancharacters-- it'd be nice to bring them back again, haha. (:
  12. Koco

    An Art Thread

    Awesome picture, I love it! Also welcome to the forums!
  13. I can't decide what's better: Coffee in the morning or coffee in the evening.
  14. I figured HEY! There's a thread for Wreck-It-Ralph so I guess it's fine if I make one for Hotel Transylvania. Anyone heard of it/seen the trailer? Think it looks ridiculously awesome or just average? Share your opinion. Personally, I'm ecstatic about this film. I love the interesting take on the classic monster concept. It's the sort of thing I can see being a lot of fun. I went to see Brave last week, (which I loved, btw) and this trailer was one of the lineup of previews before it.
  15. TBH, I feel kind of guilty when it happens because I keep thinking I could've used that time for something productive/I wasted the precious daylight, etc. For example, I'm eating supper right now and it feels like it should be 1:30, not 6:30. It's like the day's been stolen from me. WORST FEELING EVER. I really just need to get in bed sooner at nighttime so this doesn't happen anymore. But I'm such a night-owl so it's difficult for me.
  16. Man, I've been sleeping in far too much lately. I know it's summer break and all, but I'm thinking I could seriously use an alarm clock in here regardless because... just, there is something so uncomfortable about waking up at 12 in the afternoon.
  17. FF, FINE. Lol. :'D I really plan to stick around this time. I mean, I set the forum as my homepage so that says something. ;D I missed ya'll too, seriously. Even after three years have passed, I still recall the good times I had on here. //sentimental sob
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