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  1. I'm playing nothing, at the moment. Waiting for a friend of mine to return my copy of Voodoo Vince already. :'I
  2. SLY 4: THIEVES IN TIME. And what's terrible is that I have no PS3, nor can I most likely even afford one for when it DOES come out. So I'm preparing for massive and utter depression when the time comes for its release. I GREW UP WITH THOSE GAMES, MAN.
  3. Goodness gracious, I think my heart just lept for utter joy! This is ridiculously awesome, Laura. I will definitely be looking forward to it! :'D As for suggestions, I'm going to agree with dinnerordie17 about the red/yellow colors for the Whispering Rock shirts being available. It would be neat to have the actual in-game tees. Honestly, it would be nice if we could choose between a variety of colors. No matter which way ya'll decide to do it though, I'm excited regardless! Thanks for informing us!!
  4. Dear Koco, please just ignore him, he is the forum stalker and has ass burgers. Duly Noted, lmao.
  5. I just find it hilarious that people still talk about me at all here. How long's it been since I was active? 2 1/2-- HOLY CAKE BATTER. TWO AND A HALF YEARS, SERIOUSLY? WHERE IS TIME GOING. I'm glad to see all the original members are still here for the most part, though. c: WARMS MY HEART.
  6. What would I have to do to convince Doublefine to sell them again? D: Back in 06, when I initially SERIOUSLY wanted one-- I didn't have the means to afford it. And now, many years later, I can finally get a wonderful souvenir of my time spent at Whispering Rock, painstakingly earning every merit badge with intense dedication... and they're not there. JUST MY LUCK. Here's hoping they consider making more in the future! :c
  7. I REALLY WANT TO THIS TIME. I need to get back in the groove of posting again. Deviantart and other places are becoming kinda boring for me so chances are I'll stick around. Time to bookmark this forum.
  8. Here's what I've been listening to as of today: http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=endscreen&NR=1&v=vm3pjoV6qTs
  9. LOL, really? I'm curious to know who else has popped in because of it now.
  10. Just had to jump in and say how frickin' ridiculous of a fangirl spazz this Notch thing made me do yesterday.
  11. WHO ARE YOU I AM CLUELESS you're going to have to refresh my memory! edit: OH CRACKERS, NEVERMIND. I just checked your profile page... YES, I KNOW YOU. I KNOWWWW. Kennybobfrank. Wowwww, it's been ages. I cannot believe it's been nearly two years since then. How the heck...
  12. Well, after noticing the unduly amount of OLD, ANCIENT THREADS being brought back from the dead by folks I decided we needed a new one so that wouldn't have to happen. (Seriously, you people should make some new, interesting ones instead of posting after somebody who posted nearly two freakin' years ago, LOL) So the question stands: How has The Most Excellent Game affected you? Inspired you? To make it simpler: Ever since first playing Psychonauts, has anything positive happened in your life due to that one event? (Yes, I'm a nerd.) It all begins for me one fine day back in early 2005. I was fourteen years old and browsing Gamestop for a new game. Now upon finally finding something I was interested in, I brought it to the cashier and was asked that age old Gamestop question of: "Would you like to subscribe to Game Informer for only an extra 15 dollars?" to which I responded with a "nahhhh" or something of the sort. Well, I don't know HOW or why it happened, but he ended up charging me for a subscription and I didn't realize it til my receipt was handed to me. I was initially upset, but soon shrugged it off and only hoped that this magazine might be a good one. Soon after I began receiving copies of the magazine and DID actually love it. Reading the reviews for all the new games became something really fun to wind down and do after a long day and I would await each issue excitedly. AND THEN ONE DAY IT CAME. The copy of Game Informer containing a review of PSYCHONAUTS, of course! I was immediately drawn to it, and after reading the positive review I set out to buy it about a week later after saving up the extra money from doing chores around the house, lmao. ANYWHO, CONTINUING: Bought the game, loved it, was led here to the Doublefine Action Forums by it, which led me to meet Mr. Wakamakamu, Feddlefew, and a few others--and with the help of these folks I was pushed into making a Deviantart account. I was INTENSELY drawn to the art style of the game (Scott C's stuff rocks, man) and began to draw more seriously in hopes that I could perhaps one day make things as cool as his. I sent Scott C. some fanmail back in the day and he responded very positively and enthusiastically, which really, really meant a lot to little 15 year old me. It's because of joining Deviantart due to Psychonauts that I have improved so drastically art-wise over the years and am now going to school to become an animator. <: Without Psychonauts and DFAF pushing me back into working hard at my art, I would have never gotten to where I am today. HAPPY HAPPY JOY JOY THE END. BOY, AM I GLAD THAT CASHIER MADE A MISTAKE.
  13. You know, I've never used a paintball gun. Although I knew a guy just stupid/curious enough to really want to know how getting hit with one at close range felt... so of course, he asks somebody to shoot him for the heck of it. He came out with a paintball-shaped purple bruise on his leg afterwards. Everyone was just staring at him, dumbfounded like "Why would you do that?"
  14. GOSHDANGIT. I thought I had that one in the bag. I had no clue Jesuits were a branch of Catholicism.
  15. School is starting up again tomorrow for me. :
  16. It's showtime, Babes. /thebesticando.jpg I need to switch my icon soon.
  17. Bingo! (And to be honest, it's not even in my top 10, LOL.) I thought it would confuse somebody since... you know, my icon. Lmao. ANYWHO--YOUR TURN, WAKAWAKAWAKAWAKAWAKA.
  18. IT'S THE ROYAL FLUSHINATOR! Well, jumpin' crackerbeans, nice to see you around still!
  19. Hahaha! Alrighty then, Acefox. Here I go: 1. I love eating tuna fish. 2. Beetlejuice is my favorite movie. 3. I hiked five 1/2 miles up a mountain a few weeks ago. 4. I absolutely love the taste of licorice. 5. I prefer wearing skirts over wearing pants.
  20. Mr. Wakamakamu up there is to blame, haha. Nice to meet you too! :>
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