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  1. O:!! Long time no see, Feddle! I haven't been around here too much as of late.
  2. Actually I had Yellow Submarine stuck in my head just yesterday, haha. But nothing today.
  3. I'm probably going as a mad scientist, and I'm trying to convince my younger sister to be my Igor X3; Wish me luck with that. I just ordered a pair of sweet goggles off of Amazon a moment ago.
  4. So I had a dream last night that it was Halloween night and it was cold outside, the trees were blowing in the breeze, and the moon shone brightly. Basically, perfect Halloween night. FGFSDHFHSF. I HOPE THIS HAPPENS, YES. Our Halloweens always have a chance of being warm, humid, and mucky. D:
  5. Well, thanks! I'll probably get that 35 dollar one and buy a headset to go with it.
  6. Yeah, I did. =D *pokes earlier post* It's for laptop.
  7. http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16826104253 Is this the one you're talking about? EDIT: Lol, nice one, Leroy
  8. Thank-you, Headroom! Since I'm big on quality, (I really want it to last well) I'll save that extra fifteen dollars and get the Logitech one. Thanks again
  9. Define: "Too Much Money" / What is your spending limit for this? Ahh, spending limit is probably about forty dollars. Do you want portable (clip-onto-monitor style) or stationary for desktop? Definitely clip on. I've got a laptop that I move around. What is your expectation and basic needs for this webcam? Well, my buddies have one and they made me want to get one so.. just to be able to do this with them Hope that helped!! And thanks in advance, everyone.
  10. So I'm buying a webcam.. and I have no idea which brand/model/whatever I should go with. I would really appreciate any help with this! I can't spend too much money, yet I really want a cam that will last and perform well. So.. a little help?
  11. Koco

    Dani's Doodles

    I found it on Paganspace, which was linking from a Photobucket belonging to artist lizvecek. It's a gif and the jewels twinkle. I found some others just as beautiful but some of them are NSFW. My favorite Egyptian god is Anubis, who, once, in a dream, showed me the secrets of the Universe, and I wept with joy. Upon awakening, I could and still remember what I saw, but I couldn't remember what it meant. The limitations of the mortal realm prevent some truths from being brought back from the dream world. There were tears on my face, for the weeping in my dream had been real. A dear friend sent me a soapstone Bast statue carved by hand in Egypt, and it's next to my hand as I am typing this. Wow, I am really fascinated with Egypt too. In fact, I have been since the third grade. I took art lessons at my local museum a while back and I translated the name of a man in the Egyptian exhibit. Now, his name is on the tag, which says "Metjetji and his children" I have also pretty much done Egypt for just about every project in school where you have to write about a country and its past. I guess this would explain why that Sphinx game is one of my favorite games. Oh ya, and I really like your doodles, Danillama. *Pops in* I've been fascinated with Ancient Egypt since I was ten years old. Checked out every book and DVD in our local library on it, bought a few of my own, and I'm a huge fan of the mythology of the Egyptian gods. Bast was actually always my favorite, so your signature caught my eye. I always found interesting the fact that she had sort of an alternate persona in Sekhmet, the lioness goddess of war. Sort of the the two sides of a woman! The motherly and caring, and the fierce and protective! I'm sure my choice doesn't help that I adore cats, though. Haha. I think my love of cats is actually what got me started on reading about Egypt in the first place. Also, Sphinx and the Cursed Mummy = one of my favorite games ever. It NEEDS a sequel.
  12. You know, actually Superjail is currently the only Adult Swim show I've laid eyes on. And I'm 18, lol. I think the character design and overall artistic style is what dragged me in. Not a fan of gore myself, though. I've always sort of been a sucker for good kiddie cartoons. 'The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy' and 'El Tigre: The Adventures of Manny Rivera' are examples of two I love.
  13. ... Personally, I've never drawn more than a simple kiss between two characters in a drawing... So, yeah. Most anything further than that you could suggest would make me uncomfortable, haha.
  14. They've also been proven to contain more bacteria than a public toilet seat. o:
  15. Fffffff.... Thanks, Katez I have no idea how that stuff started becoming a habit.
  16. <333333333333333 Thank you all for the welcome back.
  17. Try eating cheese before you go to bed. I learned you can actually wake to the sound of your own screams. In my dream huge spiders surrounded me. I really hate spiders. They were so big and malevolent. Ooooh, indeed? *Makes a mental note to eat cheese tonight* |D Also, I too have had giant, malevolent spider dreams. I'm not at all terrified of spiders in real life, but they always seem to show up in my nightmares for some strange reason. In one dream I had for example, my family was outside spending time together, and they called for me to come as well... But I actually couldn't get past the doorway to outside the house because a spider the size of a BEAR with a HUMAN face was blocking the door. A HUMAN FACE. That would scare the grapes out of anyone. It certainly terrified me in the dream.
  18. Why, thank you. It's the Warden from Superjail. o:
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