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  1. What the heck, man. You only liked me for my cranberries? :C Well then, no more for you! And I have the Wisconsin grown kind, too.
  2. Congrats, have some cake. if you dont mind me asking, how old are you turning? Katez is now 15! <33333 HAPPY BIRTHDAY, KATEZ! EDIT: WTHanothertimemachinepost.
  3. I actually find YTP to be hilarious, lol. BUT ONLY IF IT'S WELL DONE. This one isn't too good... It had a few moments but overall.. eh.
  4. Oh, WOW. O: Great find, Dinner. I can safely say that song is the most Milla-ey thing I've ever heard. |D
  5. I'm super sad because as of late, I've had no dreams. I HATE PERIODS LIKE THIS. Dreams get my creative juices flowing... MAKE MOAR DREAMS, SUBCONSCIOUS.
  6. Currently playing ... Nothing! That's unusual for me! Haha.
  7. I just watched Eternal Sunshine of a Spotless Mind. Strange in it's own way.. but an interesting and well done movie overall.
  8. Aww, Scarecrow's the only one that volunteered to be my messmate on pirate day. ILU, SCARECROW. <3
  9. I'm back! ... I think. Cause for a while I wasn't actually here. I wish I had some super fantastic excuse like "I've been studying for my future career so hard I didn't have time to post here!!" But you know.. that would be a lie. So.. I've missed my DFAF buddies that don't get on aim, haha. So... :D :D *Runs off to post*
  10. Arrgh, me messmates. I haven't been around in a wee while, sorry. I been missin' you all.
  11. Avast, it be the 2000th topic!! Now let's throw a board party.
  12. Oh man, I'm jealous, Miriku. O: Fall festivals ftw!
  13. XDDD That was very entertaining to look at.
  14. Lovely lacking ladies ludicrous landing loo laughing littering lassie legs.
  15. NICE job. O: That's amazingly done.
  16. Koco

    Dani's Doodles

    Nice job You should go for Lili next.
  17. Last movie I watched was Moulin Rouge. Hadn't seen it in a while so I figured I'd rent it again. =D
  18. I'm a very colorful dresser, lol. I would usually be seen on an average day in a purple miniskirt, (not too short, though) pigtails, a multicolor shirt, rainbow friendship bracelets, brown sandals, and a colorful choker necklace. I dread the day I get to the age where I actually look ridiculous D: Oh lord, do I ever dread the day!! But yeah, I like a lot of stuff, really
  19. < Just for the record, if I actually DID say this, it would have been "Cranberries, ya'll." Not "You guys" So there. .... Oh yeah, almost forgot. *throws a shoe at Leroy's face*>
  20. Although I can tell that was a joke, I can promise everyone here that I have never stepped foot in 4chan. Literally. I've never ever been to the website once in my entire lifetime on the internet x3 I only know of it through word of mouth. (or in the case of the internet, word of text )
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