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  1. **Nevermind!!** Somehow I think I moved the zip file to the trash before it completely extracted. I re-extracted it and no problems launching now!
  2. Good luck! Where are going to find the keys when they're up? Our Humble Bundle page?
  3. I was finally able to watch the new episode on my iPad via the Kickstarter update and it was definitely a good one. Just keep them coming more regularly!
  4. Excellent episode. I have to say, Broken Age is settling in for me as a fine name.
  5. That was a super interesting and great explanation of something I knew nothing about. I had no idea how complex the process is to go from Art to just getting something to display on screen.
  6. Great work on the series this week! Today's was especially cool to see Tim's reaction as the project was revealed to the world. I wish that we could see more 5 minute vignettes like this. As always, production is nice, but interesting content is king.
  7. Yeah, what was that picture of him in Japan about? Thanks for taking the time to watch. Just to clarify what the picture of me in Japan was all about. When I was studying information systems my minor was Japanese. I had the opportunity to work at NTT in Yokosuka Japan as an intern for 4 months. I had decided to change my field of study soon after getting this internship, but it was an opportunity that I couldn't pass up, even though I knew I was going to be studying animation when I returned to the States. That group photo was the team that I worked with while there. Super nice people. Ahhh, I would have done the same thing too! Thanks for the reply!
  8. I love box shadows too...and Double Fine! Having gotten more than my money's worth of enjoyment out of the documentaries so far, I'm happy to toss a couple extra bucks your way. Keep it up!
  9. Excellent episode. Really well put together. I can't wait to see what decisions are ultimately made and how they turn out.
  10. Another great episode. It was really interesting seeing the team deal with the challenges that the increased scope of the project has caused.
  11. I definitely like the profile of C the most. In all the other ones she looks like an ant. Of course, if she IS an ant or other ant-like creature, then you have really nailed it with all of them! Great job!
  12. This was great to see. Thanks for sharing the extra footage and for showing how you cut and refine your content. Keep these coming!
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