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  1. It looks like this dump already has all the possible incantations? (with a period/full stop in between each one)
  2. For those (like me) that can't cross our eyes to make things 3D: (I live a shallow life never having known the joys of magic eye pictures...)
  3. Out of curiosity, why would you combine the classes (or inherit them in this way) instead of, say, making the broom and hat separate objects, that can be "used". For instance, blue robot is still blue robot, but he has a collection of objects that he has equipped, and is able to "use" each of them. The use of an object changes his (in game) behaviour, as opposed to creating an entirely new class of object? "Use"-ing the hat wile equipped might make him tip his hat. "Use"-ing the broom might make him find the nearest memory fragment and turn it into a neat heap?
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