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  1. Can I point out to the masses, that Nick Jameson is also MAX!! From the obvious, Sam and Max
  2. Been working on a few expansions on the Codename "REDS", I'll show my workings: 1. "Rebellion Equals Dramatic Story" (Nah hasn't got the grippedness) 2. "Rebellion Equals Dramatic Scenes" (Not quite there) 3. "Rebellion Equals Dramatic Supervention" su·per·vene (spr-vn) intr.v. su·per·vened, su·per·ven·ing, su·per·venes 1. To come or occur as something extraneous, additional, or unexpected. See Synonyms at follow. 2. To follow immediately after; ensue. 3. Philosophy To be dependent on a set of facts or properties in such a way that change can occur only after change has occurred in those facts or properties.
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