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  1. So giving some feedback during a beta phase means being a enraged fanboy?
  2. Easy to see what kind of games are my favorites from this list: - DFA - Wasteland 2 - Jane Jensen's Moebius - Dead State - Broken Sword 5 - Project Eternity - ROAM - Torment: Tides of Numenera - Divinity: Original Sins (+ I'll have a free digital copy of their soon to be released Dragon Commader) - (currently in progress but I doubt it will reach its objectif) Space Shock, a Space dungeon-crawler with tactical turn-based combat. Have a look here if interested: http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/858695532/space-shock-0/comments
  3. Fantastic ! The drawings are just amazing. I particularly like the "woman/hair cave" it's really cool ! I already can't wait for the next video ! PS: Is it me or Tim is Bruce Campbell's twin brother?
  4. I've forgot to mention a really good RPG called Divinity 2: The dragon Knight Saga.
  5. Ahh nice choice, I love Lewton! I'm currently playing Black Mirror 3 (I've finished the first two in the past few weeks) whichis a really nice P&C serie, although a bit too easy. Diablo 3 Botanicula Duke Nukem Forever (not really good, but payed £3) Amnesia (well... I have started it 6 mont ago, but I can't play too long every time, too scary to play in pitch dark with the headphones). King's Bounty: Armored princess And I've finished The Next Big Thing recently.
  6. In addition to DFA, I pledged for Wasteland 2, for Jane Jensen's Moebius (we still need backer btw, please give us a hand!). I will consider to pledge for Two Guy's SpaceVenture and Tex murphy as well.
  7. Hi ! Some of you have already mentionned it, but Gemini Rue is really an amazing game ! I've just finished it and it really worth it. Apparently there are a lot of indie adventure game that have been released these last few years. It might be interresting to open a topic to talk about them? People who have already played some could give us feedback and advises. I'm also agreed with people about Machinarium and Botanicula, really good games. And the bundle Ben there, dan that and Time! Gentlemen please! is just excellent!
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