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    I grew up with computer-games, everything from text-based James Bond adventures made for DOS to The Elder Scrolls. I'm also an amateur film-maker trying to get some projects going, I have a blog where I do a bunch of stupid things (Let's Plays, Humour Reviews, Vlogs and whatever) and a secondary blog where I'm more serious and do things about gaming (Podcasts, Actual Reviews, Serious Articles and such). I'm mostly known at Destructoid as a active community member that sometimes work with their w
  1. I don't really like that there are two Yes options, I went with the more the merrier, but I'd still be fine with 3. Splitting those options into two makes it harder for those who wants multiple to win the poll. Just a thought.
  2. I like seeing the effects break-down and how it affects the visuals, but I'm really hoping this won't be the art-style, it doesn't clash well with me at all.
  3. Glad he made a video on it, finding the quote on why they couldn't continue without kickstarter in the comments was a pain. As a person who used to send a lot of emails to Lowe back in the early 2000s it's nice to see him back in the game. I'm giving both him and Jensen some of my cash when the next money hits.
  4. I'd like modern-realism to be the setting, I think this is used far too little in none GTA-clones and Military FPS games, I like walking around cities and such and imagine that I could actually be in such a place. Maybe that's just me though.
  5. Well, I have six copies of Morrowind, but maybe that doesn't count. I bought that big Skyrim CE though, the one that costed more than some consoles. Don't remember the price.
  6. Backing them all, the reason I'm doing so is that if they were to be released I would have bought them all, so might as well. I'm loving this kickstarter thing.
  7. MI3 is my least favourite of the MI games, and I still say No. The series is great as it is and I want this to be something new and fresh. HOWEVER, I would like to see a more realistic-yet-stylized art-design like MI1 and MI2 had.
  8. Was tricky, picked between Another Code: Two Memories, Hotel Dusk: Room 215 and MYST V: End of Ages (Still the 2nd best MYST in my opinion). I picked Another Code: Two Memories, weird that the sequel isn't on there though. Another Code R: A Journey into Lost Memories. Or URU: Ages Beyond MYST for that matter, sure, it's a mix of platformer and adventure game, but it's still a adventure game. Also, the Hotel Dusk sequel; Last Window: The Case of Cape West that should qualify too, damn good game. Oh well, even with them on I would have gone with Another Code: Two Memories, amazing game.
  9. Truly amazing stuff here, the bit where Kickstarter crashed was golden.
  10. That's awesome. The background being so accurate and detailed made it very entertaining and to be honest, I wouldn't mind if the game was about controlling Tim to make a game.
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