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  1. After reading many other backers' posts, I have some additional thoughts. There are a small minority of backers who think this is a bad idea, I am definitely NOT one of them. I am like the majority of posters--I donatrd to support Double Fine and I am super thrilled I had the option to participate and learn through the documentaries. However those minority backers who feel hurt or cheated should have their voices acknowledged in the spirit of openness. Here are my thoughts on the naysayer's arguments. 1. "I paid so why should others get it for free?" You know the financial results so far. Do you want to give DFA every chance of success and reward the team's hard work? If yes, then accept that you were not only someone who paid for a gift but also a supporter and a part of the team and that we give the team leader freedom access to all the tools of success. 2. "But you made promises and this feels like a broken promise." The backers have received everything we were promised and more. Double Fine has gone far beyond any company I have ever observed in thinking about our needs. They set big lofty goals and achieved most of them. A few of them they have struggled and who could have predicted the power of the trolls and the negative effect on the morale they have dished out in the public media. I am disgusted by the negativity of human beings and it is so pervasive it sometimes makes me act like one of them. In terms of promises, none of us can predict the future and we have to adapt. If "exclusivity" was a promise then I feel that my memories and the amount of attention DFA has given us backers IS exclusive and no amount of free (or paid!) access to the documentaries will take that away from me. 3. "Forum posts are not scientific way to ask the 90,000 backers" A tiny fraction of the backers opted in at the $100 or more level. Among those backers you're still not going to get everyone to contribute an answer. Perhaps the forums will represent only the backers who really care about Double Fine and the hard work the team put into it. Perhaps a scientific poll would include a lot of backers who don't care about anything but the rewards they received and not the team effort itself. If a scientific poll would only acknowledge this, I say don't take a poll. If people want to have a voice, they already have the option to speak out and loudly now without a poll. If you want to be heard, SHOW UP. 4. "More content now is just more fuel for the trolls. Haters gonna hate" Yes they will. Sadly this is true. But, the proper response to hate from a troll is not to go find a cave and hide in it. Instead, the proper response is to show proudly your work, be open and transparent, and give the non-haters something they can show all of their non-hating friends. I for one have been dying for this chance since the first documentary came out! What good is watching a movie you can't tell all your friends about later? I experience this a lot with digital content I pay for--it's great to have access to the content and support the creators financially but it SUCKS when you can't share the content with your friends and talk about it. Some of the apps I use disable copy and paste so you can't even quote from a great paid article. What Double Fine has done has said, "we are hard working creative people. We opened our doors and let you in. You had ideas different from ours and we listened. You hurt our feelings sometimes and that makes us want to shut you out, but we didn't. We're still here and we want to find otheir supportive backers like you." So emphatically, I say to the Nay-Sayers. I get it. But the way to get Double Fine to let us keep doing them with us again and again is to make sure the whole world knows what a great thing this is. So, give away the documentary, or parts of it, or whatever. Let Tim and the team decide. We heard you.
  2. I for one say YES, release it publicly! Make sure the release is in every way as professional as we backers experienced it. I've been dying to show this to my friends. Offer the option to buy as a download or stream for free on YouTube...make sure to heavily promote the sale of the game, commercials are okay! My $100 gave me early access in real time and let me have the opportunity to influence and contribute to the game. Those slackers will never take that away from me. Physical merch makes much better product for holiday gift giving too, keep that in mind. Lots of YouTubers make their profit on merch on the backs of free videos. Good luck Tim and DFA team!
  3. I agree on backtracking: it makes the game a lot more difficult but that increases how brilliant you feel afterwards for figuring it out. Day of the Tentacle was backtracking on top of backtracking with a little meta-backtracking thrown in for fun.
  4. Heart wrenching to see the subdued reaction to unit sales. I think it's definitely true this game needs some more marketing behind it as Tim said "to reach an audience that has never played adventure games before." Plus, at some point I think all of the backer videos should go public, they are a treasure on their own. I am reaching out to all of my friends on social media trying to find the ones who have never experienced an adventure game before. With 90,000 backers out there, we ought to be able to reach a big audience if only some effort is made to mobilize the base. You built this game for the fans, now ask them to help grow the base!
  5. Wow, this episode was really worth the wait. MSO and Peter, if you don't get an Oscar, I'm boycotting them next year. It's been so hard to tell people what this project is about if they haven't played adventure games before. But I think Broken Age will speak entirely for itself. I can't wait to rewatch every episode again on DVD, binge-style like I did LOST. Great work Double-Fine.
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