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  1. I agree that releasing the documentary is a good idea. In fact, it has always seemed a shame that the documentaries were backer-only; I think that one of the lessons learned from your kickstarter is that the documentary probably should have always been public. Retaining high-def versions for the backers seems a reasonable compromise to me--ship it!
  2. I also loved this game, and hated the glitches. I finally got to the claw, tried one thing, failed, and would spend ten minutes trying to get back up there again, sometimes dying by falling on the opening platform--so when I respawned, I'd be back on the opening platform again. I was also a keyboard and mouse player, and don't own a controller--if the game was controller-only, I would never be able to play it at all. The best part of the game for me was the character of the girl. The little animations like her holding her arm like she was cold; the kicking as she struggled to climb up ledges all made me root for her, even when she was dying 20 times. And of course the correct bridge solution animation was wonderful.
  3. As one of the people with that question, thanks for answering it! OK, if DF has 65 employees, that means almost half of them pitched a game. If there are 11 women, you'd expect half of them to pitch one, all things being equal--anywhere from 3 to 7 would probably be expected due to chance. I'm sure any single person's reason to not pitch a game is supportable, but when 11 of 11 choose not to, there is probably something more systemic going on. I am *not at all* saying that anyone is doing anything nefarious, or that women employees at DF are being singled out and suppressed. I *am* saying that people tend to be blind to their own biases, and if the whole Amnesia Fortnight shindig was dreamed up and developed by men, and no women are participating, there is probably something inherent in the system that is discouraging women from joining. Maybe it's the 'I need more time to develop it' thing--one possibility is that employees good-naturedly trash talk ideas they don't like, and that men are more comfortable exposing their ideas to that environment than women are. That's totally a blue-sky hypothesis, but I would bet that something vaguely along those lines is actually going on. I think it would be beneficial to the company if the DF management did some interviews with the women and men who did and did not pitch their ideas to find out the reasoning behind those decisions, and figured out what to do to address the imbalance. Essentially, it cost the company 10% of its ideas, and that may percolate up to costing the company 10% of its potential project leads, which is not insignificant.
  4. What struck me about the pitches was that every last one of them was from a white male. We know there are *some* women at DoubleFine--is there something about the culture there that makes them avoid pitching something? Or just too few of them? Tim claimed every employee there could make a pitch... That said, there are some awesome ideas in there; I hope Tim makes an executive decision to greenlight a game or two that he likes that don't get the top votes.
  5. You have a billion ideas already, but hey! - A city built into the edge of a vast cliff. - Inside the bones of a long-dead leviathan. - An asteroid field connected with rope bridges. - An abandoned railway line.
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