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    A fine young lady from the American East Coast, JackiJinx has spent most of her life pondering what her next step should be, even stepping into roles she wish she hadn't. "Yeah, special education? I don't know exactly what I was thinking with that one. The kids I worked with were amazing, even a little bit nibbly at times, but then one day I heard the words, 'Native American children's genitals are dark colored, too,' and I realized dealing with the teachers there just wasn't worth the effort."
  1. Reality is for wusses. The internet is the future!
  2. Janis Joplin and Bette Davis. That said, I've been told I have the personality of Maureen Dowd, even though I prefer Leonard Pitts Junior's columns. Go figure.
  3. Dude, you are totally in the zone, but you missed his attractiveness as well. Fictional characters. Why must they be so attractive? Why?
  4. Let me lay down some known subjects that tickle radical fancy. Please do note that I'm not claiming that any/all of these are bad or good things, just that they tend to have a huge following of fans: The Beatles The Rolling Stones The Grateful Dead Ayn Rand books The Rocky Horror Picture Show Star Trek Star Wars Monty Python in general Black Sabbath Iron Maiden Michael Jackson Princess Diana Barbara Streisand Fight Club Insane Clown Posse NIN New Kids on the Block/NSYNC/Backstreet Boys/That whole other nonsense Britney Spears Invader Zim Death Note Harry Potter Twilight I am probably missing quite a few, but those are the most prominent ones that come to mind when I think of fanatics.
  5. Sweetness, don't step on another woman's dreams. The spirit of my soul shall conquer the beast that is opposition! In the words of Journey, "Don't stop believing, you streetlight people, you!"
  6. No, no, no. My Sharona is the best choice for title music, this version in particular. Instant classic, instantaneously. I demand that Schafer change heed my strong request immediately, if not sooner.
  7. Dudes. You know, I had a feeling that Twilight wasn't ding great things to people by all the hype around it, but this stuff is insane. Throat slashing? Broken bones? Attempted drowning? Pet killing (and stomping. Geez)? The one that really got me was that deluded stalker girl who was practically convinced that the one girl's boyfriend was Edward Cullen. Just. Plain. Wow. Because of this thread alone, I have done nothing but look up and read these stories of violence all day. Even if they aren't all true (and that's sounds accurate enough to say), just having that much material to occupy an entire Sunday is enough to raise a battalion of red flags declaring Sanity to be out on an extended fishing expedition (probably being held hostage by Twilight fanatics, no doubt). I've seen fans. I've known fans. But Twilight fans? Just a new level. Incredible. After long ignoring the series, I shall be reading it, just to further investigate the makings of this prestigious cult. If I go down whilst on my mission, well...let the people know that I did it all for me. I really care about myself, after all, and l like to further my name in the best ways that I know how: angering the populace, magnification style. Just to note, since I saw this mentioned, the site was moved and the new encounters list can be found here. Hopefully, it'll stay short. Now, if y'all don't mind, I'm going to get me some breakfast now. Internet rebellion makes me awfully hungry.
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