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  1. I'm not sure how drunk I'm supposed to be to play the first act. If the answer is very then this review will hopefully be accurate. I've watched all the 2PP videos and from what I was seeing I was starting to think the behind the scenes would be the most interesting part for me. But I fired up Act 1 on Steam before bed tonight and I was pretty blown away by the art and animation, way more detailed that I was expecting and the voice acting drew me in right away. I couldn't put my finger on it but the somewhat dark/meloncholic tone to the early story really caught me. I admit I didn't finish Act1 but I really liked what I played so far. I sure hope this game will be a success because from what I've played alone it really seems to have a lot of heart and an unexpected amount of polish.
  2. Holy crap I can't believe I got to see Jennifer Hale perform. I miss my femshep. :-( Another great episode. Hilarious ending. Thanks guys!
  3. Excellent video again! Thanks! And I gotta say I'd happily put up more for DF Adventure. I've already gotten more out of it than any other project I've backed.
  4. Great update! It is really amazing to be able to hear so much about the development process, watch portions of interviews with other developers, and be a part of DF's remarkable bounce back from their pretty serious sounding financial situation. I'll definitely be backing any future DF Kickstarter projects with a fury.
  5. I got BL for Christmas a few months ago and I am just itching to play it. A game on my backlog I am way overdue on. It hasn't even been born for me yet!
  6. 64 masterpieces to choose from, 1 vote each. I'm glad this is finally going to be settled once and for all.
  7. That screenshot is hilarious. Not a big fan of the Youtube stuff of his I saw though. I would vote for him as an adventure game writer. He sure has the delirious/drunk/angry character dialog down.
  8. Well I backed the project because I am dying to see what kind of adventure game a veteran team (dream team?) of developers can create nowadays. I am thankful I backed the project for the abundance of priceless moments like this: If there isn't a "favorite moments" thread in the backer forums somewhere yet, there needs to be. This shot alone is a viral internet meme just waiting to happen.
  9. So besides Loom, I guess my second would be The Secret of Gabriel Tentacle. If you guys haven't played that one you are missing out.
  10. There certainly are enough to choose from, but I hope more nominations for Loom show up. I can't think of many games that can deliver such an engaging experience without needing to dedicate any time explaining themselves & building the back story. It reminds me of Journey for this reason (and maybe the obvious similarly in the character art).
  11. Nostalgia overload. I'm still reeling from the though that I can back new projects from major players involved in what were certainly the top 5 games from my childhood. Honestly: the games that basically shaped my childhood. Count me in. I've already backed that project so hard. And no doubt some of the thanks for that goes to DF & 2PP for all the excitement and entertainment I've already gotten out of backing this project.
  12. This update really was incredible! They have all been so good. I had to come on here to post my thanks.
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