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  1. Release them to the public in HD! The videos were super interesting and inspirational for me personally, so it'd be great for more people to experience them. I don't see the money I spent backing as a way of having exclusive access to videos, but more of a contribution to them being made in the first place.
  2. Well technically you can re-launch the game when Act 2 comes out, Dave. Also, that video at the end...
  3. I mean, you can say this about EVERY co-op game. Somebody is always going to be player 1. I enjoy co-op games more than single player games not necessarily because of the mechanics, but because you've got somebody there with you playing it. It's more fun to play with others, even if one person doesn't have much control. Running around the neighborhood with your buddies sounds fun to me.
  4. Each department on the intercom needs it's own tone when you press the button or get a call. Also, it would be really helpful if people's faces were included in ANYPLACE where their name is mentioned. I found I couldn't remember the names, and it was too much of a hassle to go and try to figure out who people were. I don't even know who I was sending to jail. I found it really hard to read those bits of text where you can see the balcony scene in the background (the end of act follow up stuff, I guess). They were just so overly complicated that it just kind of turned into blah. Maybe it's just not my type of game. The art style was on-point though. Really neat.
  5. Visual Bugs: Vella's head goes behind her neck in the cutscene right after she enters her house and she bends down to grab her sister's hand. In the cloud colony during the animation when Vella puts up the ladder to climb into the blue bird's nest, Vella's model was further back on the z-axis than the ladder making her appear behind it. In one cutscene where Marek is talking to Shay and walking towards him, Marek's right pupil disappears. (Sorry, don't remember specifics). --SPOILERS FROM HERE ON-- When Shay is outside of the ship and is going to manually turn on the grabber control, if you click on the panel he begins to talk about it. If he talks about the control and moves towards it at the same time, his mouth gets displaced on his head. His head turns to the side, but his mouth stays facing forward. When Vella blows on the Tuba, her nose disappears. It sort of looks like her character doesn't move forward enough. Aesthetic Feedback: The world you move around in as Vella seems almost claustrophobic. It doesn't feel like everything is part of the same world; just a bunch of scenese stiched together. For example: Moving from the tree to the Shell city. There should be some sort of buffer scene that maybe is completely empty, but you're able to see a gradual change from the forest to the city, and it isn't left to the player's imagination to believe that there is a whole world in between. Puzzle Feedback: The puzzle where Vella gets picked up by Mog Chothra is wonky. When I played it, I knew exactly what I had to do: Hit him in the mouth. So knowing that Chothra would pick up and eat all of the other maidens, I decided I would wait for him to open his mouth and eat me. So I waited, and waited and was then dropped. So I thought, "Maybe I need to hit his tentacle while he's holding me in the air." So I hit the tentacle, and his mouth opens for a split second. Then there is that moment where I think, "Ok, I need to hit the tentacle and then when his mouth opens for that split second, hit him." I must have been picked up and dropped four times before I realized you had to use the ladder. The intensity of the moment quickly subsided. The snake thing is just completely bizarre. That whole scenario is just way too obtuse.
  6. Not a question, but: The part in Episode 12 where you talk about working at LucasArts and everybody being a bunch of "goofball rejects" was a really nice personal anecdote that we haven't really heard before.
  7. Oliver, I just wanted to say that I really appreciate all of the stuff you post for us in the community.
  8. That scene with the trailer reveal at GDC was done so well.
  9. Are we going to get an art update with a detailed breakdown of the rim lighting system? That would be awesome.
  10. Having Oliver on the team should be awesome, because it seems like the quick experimenting with programming the Automatons is reminiscent of what he wanted to do with Redbot's Reboot.
  11. Hey, I just watched your pitch and I think this sounds really cool. You said you hadn't figured out completely the player's story, or much other than Automatons. I had a couple of ideas that I thought about, and really wanted to share. The first question might be why there are Automatons out there in the junkyard. I believe you said that some Automatons could mine energy. Perhaps there is a "Mysterious Corporation" that is creating these Automatons in order to get the energy for themselves. Well, if this corporation is mining the energy, it needs to be brought back somewhere. In going along with the procedural idea to the levels, there could also be "Mystery Corporation Towers." A randomly generated dungeon/puzzle environment that the player has to enter and steal the energy from. These towers could have random traps(Such as the electric floor you mentioned) that the player would have to surpass in order to get to the "heart" of the building. So, players would have to created Automatons in order to get past all the traps and obstacles located throughout the tower. The "heart" of these towers if where the player could find a little taste of the overall story, perhaps some data found on a computer. I don't know how much this clashes with your view of what the game should be, but I'm just thinking of it from my perspective. I play sandbox games like Minecraft, and after a while I just think, "Ok, this is cool, but I need a bigger overall goal." (I think Minecraft saw that as a problem and added a dragon you had to summon and kill, or something.) Anyways, looking forward to what you guys create!
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