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  1. osse101

    Concept Art

    I didn't get a chance to explain powers once I got into scripting. At their core, they are a way to interact with the ball when it is not near your paddle. That typically means interfering with your opponent. From there, many of the designs have been given flexibility in where they can be used to give the option of responding to your opponents power with one of your own. Obstruct The design is to restrict the movement of the opponents paddle. My aim is to stop them from defending a portion of their area. And that has turned into 'throwing' the cube at their paddle and if it hits then they are frozen. Picture an anvil falling on the opponent paddle, and they get a second to dodge. It forces a choice of which portion of their zone they will commit to defending. On its way to being renamed to something like "Block." Obscure Obscure is working pretty well. It makes it almost impossible to aim the rebound of the ball when defending but you can still get the paddle in front of the ball most of the time. The cloud location needs to be made so it covers a more consistent amount of the playing area. From here it might help to make it extra long so it combos into your next power. A simpler name might help here too, perhaps Fog. Slow The best use I've found for slow is to have it defend half of your zone while your paddle defends the other half. But its not great how that is almost the only way to use it and it's not apparent until you've been playing for a while. I could see moving the bubble forward a bit so half the radius isn't wasted. Maybe pick up your bubble and replace it, true to Braid. I'm thinking of replacing it with a dual purpose power, Reflect. Or look into more defensive powers like multiple paddles, or an on demand wall that covers your entire goal. Reflect Bounce back the ball wherever it is on the table. Offensive and defensive uses. Lazer Fire bullets from your paddle that push away the ball. Slow the ball defensively, put up a wall of bullets to zone the ball, or fire cross table to push the ball towards your opponents goal. TriPaddle This started as a simple gain two paddles to help defend but I have a more interesting idea. Gain 3 powers instead of 1 that all activate simultaneously, but with decreased effect. Control Move the ball (vertically) with your paddle. I'm thinking towards(vertically) the paddle that activated the paddle is fairest defensively & offensively. Meteor Storm ~20 meteors fall on the board. If they land on the ball, it will be exploded away from the impact point. This all ends with a giant meteor hitting the center of the table. Then for table ideas - alternate objectives. Try to hit 3 specific points on the map before your opponent. Works better with a shared paddle area, or having paddles cover the length of the table. -do away will walls and replace bumpers with spinners. See how the game feels when the ball isn't able to stay on one side of the table.
  2. osse101

    Team photo!

    I too have a head. The pong ball cabinet is perfect.
  3. osse101

    Concept Art

    Really liking the artistic style cheese and kednar! Concept tables: 1) A simple game of pong except for the conveyor of random obstacles for players to deal with. 2) Pong + periodically a tractor beam snatches the ball and brings it into a minigame room where winning the minigame provides an advantage in the main game. In this case firing the ball towards the losers goal. Gizmo: Cannon - feed the ball into the cannon to have it flip over and shoot the ball at the opponents goal. Superpowers: I'm trying to make an indicator for which superpower a player has. So far I've tried the written name of the ability, a small icon for the ability next to player score, and a large icon for the ability drawn on the table. The written name is looking best imo. Or maybe the players shouldn't know what they have. -the power of all players should be displayed -looking for your power should not distract from your paddle -it needs to work on all tables
  4. osse101

    Concept Art

    I've put a focus on getting each player more game time interacting with the ball. This table puts all players on one side and uses squash rules to alternate attackers and defenders. Bumpers and boost panels hopefully quick/sharp attacks by the ball (tunnel has a randomized exit O.o).
  5. My view on the gameplay is that the ball moves too fast (and the defense zone is too large). Mid-table flippers and the bumpers cause a difficult-to-react-to speed increase near the defender's goal. And if you can't react to the ball, you are not having fun. However, this is a multiplayer game so the ball also needs to switch sides of the table fast and often. My proposal is to add a series of power-ups which help combat the fast ball speed, and cycle through them sorta quickly. Examples: 1) Drop a Braid style region of slowed movement speed 2) A breakout style blaster to slow incoming balls or push outgoing balls; disable bumpers 3) multiple/larger paddles Then in keeping with short reaction times, I'd pick a simple paddle type like lightsoda's. And for more than 2 players you'd likely want additional balls to reduce downtime.
  6. The current undertaking is merging offline and online game mode features and rearchitecting them to follow the same internal structure. The minimap, character model and animations, and cart types would all be updated for offline mode, but getting there is taking significant work.
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