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  1. I voted for Spacebase DF-9 because it just really sounds like something I would love to see made. I love sims / DF-esque games, and setting it up in a spacebase sounds like it could have a lot of potential. Plus the creativity of Double fine seemed like it could really come up with some unique horrible random events for your space colony. I also voted for KAIJU PILEDRIVER because I love roguelikes, and I love old giant monster movies, so it sounded like a great mix. It's really what I was hoping Omegalodon was (indie multiplayer game centered around a giant shark monster with arms and legs destroying a city, fun, but very repetitive and you usually don't get to play as the giant monster) The only one that I have a reason not for voting on besides it not calling out to me was The White Birch, because it reminded me too much of a lot of "deep" indie platformers out there (nothing against them, there are just a lot of them) and I would personally rather see something with more unique gameplay come out of the Amnesia fortnight.