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  1. I feel like I missed out, not having a PC in the house until 1996 and my dad not wanting games on his machine, I missed a lot of these classics! I'm trying to find a copy so I can play as well.
  2. I loved Machinarium's approach to difficulty, some of the puzzles were complex and you had to really move around and work things out. For less puzzle oriented people they could play a little mini-game to unlock that levels "walk through" which was pictures that gave you a general jist of level and what you had to do. It still meant people had to understand the drawings and flow of the levels, but made it easier for people who couldn't work it out on their own. I'll admit I used one once or twice Stupid owl on the wire and the cat you had to electrocute... sigh.
  3. It isn't a real big mystery. The card used is not authorized or charged till it is funded. I was an initial failed transaction, because the card on file at Amazon was one that I replaced, due to someone stealing the number. So the charge failed. I entered a new card and viola, I'm in the backer's forum. Yea I had the exact same, card declined, because my bank thought I'd had my card stolen and halted all activity on it (purchased zbrush via paypal, guess it's a valid reason). I wanted to upgrade to the $60 but I completely forgot and kickstarter ended before I could... want that damn art book lol.
  4. Awesome I'm glad you guys are happy and that because of the public's interest in a genre that was deemed "dead" by corporate money grabbers, you can now actually make a game you want to make, a game that will wont have fingers putting out bit's of stuffing or adding scotch bonnet peppers to ice cream. Something we as fans, will knowingly love... because you'll love it. TL;DR - Make a game you'd want to play, the rest will follow.
  5. Simple love this, I recently bought myself an art book and writer journal so I can do this exact thing. Just sketch random things and write what ever comes into my mind... most of which probably should never see the light of day
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