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    My names Jonathan Covey. I'm a musician and a game lover.
  1. Kaiju Piledriver - I'm a big kaiju movie fan and want more games that riff on those types movies. All we have that comes close is Rampage and War of the Monsters. Unacceptable! To bad it didn't make the cut. Also: Brad Muir wearing a dinosaur head for a hat. How could you not vote for that, people?! Autonomous - Love me some sci-fi. Like, weird sci-fi, not generic. Well, generic has it's place, but the world that Lee described sounded really cool. Glad that one made it! Echelon - God, what a cool idea. I love espionage stuff and this game sounded like some real spy dirt. Super bummed it didn't make it in.
  2. That drop was FILTHY!!!! The game looks pretty great. A lot of logical progressions of what was already there. And DUBSTEP.
  3. I noticed the same thing. It didn't keep me from enjoying the game, but yeah, it was kind of a bummer.
  4. I think there's a place for a pixel art style, but I feel like it's being overused. I don't think it's because indie devs lazy (which is a lazy, wholly inaccurate argument in and of itself), a lot of them just got caught up in retro wave that popped up a few years ago. It's been done. Time for the indie scene to move on. One of the reasons I'm excited for The Cave, Guacamelee!, Papo & Yo, and a bunch of other indie stuff coming out is because they look different, even from other indie games. And that's what's most important for me: being unique. Well... I guess actually being a good game and stuff helps, too.
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