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  1. Voted horizontal for the art and for displaying out of the shelf but I'm really otherwise a proponent for vertical boxes. Still, as long as it's a horizontal box that can be stood vertically on a shelf, I'm all cool with that. Please don't do with Revolution did with BS5 and not have the game title on the side of the box, please. I want people to be able to see what games are stacked on my shelves.
  2. Hoi. I'm just dropping by to suggest The Dark Eye: Chains of Satinav and its sequel, Memoria, from Daedalic Entertainment. If you play the first, you will want to play the second pretty much right away. They are some of my favourite adventure games of recent years. Pacing, plot, puzzles, music, and art (once you get used to it) is superb. They are both fairly long but if knowing the puzzles beforehand, I suppose they can be played through quicker. I know we're not nearly through the whole list of games yet but maybe these can be considered for future GC sessions. Oh yeah, and I don't know if The Longest Journey and Dreamfall have been mentioned or are being considered. Those are another two massive games, though.
  3. Huge thanks to Tim for taking the time to join us for the interview and a little bit of the gameplay stream. So much Game Club-exclusive information shared~ You're the best, Tim. ^^ Thanks to Cheeseness for interviewing Tim and to Permafry for streaming the game.
  4. Augh. There have been so many good GC sessions that it's hard to pick one favourite. If I absolutely have to pick one, the sessions I probably enjoyed most were the ones for "The Cave" because of Ron Gilbert's funny comments to Alphatt's playing. Other sessions to mention were the ones for "Time Gentlemen, Please" because of the honest answers from the Ben and Dan. Of course "Monkey Island 2" has to be mentioned since it's my all-time favourite game and the "Frankenstein" version Syd played was perfect. Oh yeah, I also very much enjoyed the "Costume Quest" sessions! The game wasn't on my list of games to play before but it certainly is now.
  5. Sweet. I hope I'll be able to get home in time for this. Let's hope the devs will be able to take an hour or two off to join us during these busy holiday times.
  6. The incantation doesn't seem to work for me in Vista Ultimate x64.
  7. You may have something there but to me it just looks like a typical canvas effect from Photoshop. ^^:
  8. Maybe there's a hint to finding the incantation in this text? Has everything mentioned been done already?
  9. Nice talk! Now you got me hoping that the toaster will make an appearance in the game. ;D
  10. Argh. Why must this be the day I'll be out of the house all day?! Uguu~ ;_; Oh wells, I'll be there for the second session. I'm sure you'll have an awesome session with all those awesome guests.
  11. That was a fun little game. I never played it myself back in the day but now I'm interested in getting it to play it myself even if I've watched most of the stream. Good work on the streaming, Permafry_42. =)
  12. I had yet another enjoyable Saturday night with the Game Club. Thanks to Ron, Syd, and Cheese. ^^ Since you asked for it, here are my ratings for MI2 (the old-school talky version): Story: 10 (because of the coherency and because I can take my time to figure things out without there being any rush) Usability: 9 (because I like my point and click games being pointy and clicky) Gameplay: 8 (because pixel hunting is easier when there are fewer pixels on the screen to hunt through and because most puzzles just make sense) Assets: 8 (I don't agree with all voice actors used but the music brings the points up higher) Impact: 10 (did you expect anything else for my all-time favourite game?) Completed: Yes
  13. These videos are great. The build-up through the four parts that slowly gathers momentum until it culminates at the end of part 4 is just fantastic. I couldn't help but rewatch the end of part 4 for that cheer. Haha. Keep up the good work, DF and 2PP.
  14. This would've surely swayed me to vote for Broken Age rather than World's Apart.As mentioned above, it's awfully close to Broken Sword so it might take some getting used to another game with "Broken" in the title.Tim Schafer
  15. I voted for "World's Apart". I hope that apostrophe really is part of the name because it makes a world of a difference. Sure, maybe. But that doesn't mean that they do. I don't mean any disrespect to children, teenagers or whatever. I was considered very mature for my age. I just think that a big part of growing up is in coming to terms with the fact that it's not really something that ever really stops. And that's a realisation that I think has to happen a bit later. Personally I think I grew up the most when I realised that I'm just as playful, silly, and have the capacity to be just as curious about the world as I was when I was a child, and that there's never going to be the serious, adult version of me I had in my head. Just a more experienced version of the child who has learned ways of dealing with the world. Finally someone who shares my view of what it means to become an adult. *high five*The older I become, the more I realise that adults are just older and more experienced children. I grew up believing that adults knew everything about how the world worked and that they knew how to do practically everything. However, now that I, myself, am older and spend more time around people my own age or older, I see that people don't know as much as I once believed and they all have things they are unsure/uncertain about and their own worries. Additionally, it saddens me when other adults deny someone a playful heart with their reason being "that's not how an adult should act" or with the question "aren't you too old for that?".
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