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  1. Hey! I don't know if it's communicated anywhere, but you can do CTRL+S to manually save and CTRL+L to load. I'm not sure if it's on the list for being in the menu, but it's a possibility I might have missed it, but either way, NICE
  2. Played for about 2 hours, thoughts: Things I liked: - The setting visuals overall are really cool. The music is great. - The characters seem to have their own lives, it was fun to try to make sense of their conversations and reading their logs. - The UI looks great. Things I think can be improved: - Exploring outside my base doesn't seem that interesting. Other than the rocks which are all kinda the same, there was some sort of black ship, but it bugged and the character wouldn't explore it inside. - The game needs more feedback. Like if I try to add an object before setting up the room type, an error message saying something like "this object can only be placed in rooms assigned as X" would be useful - Placing rooms is awkward. I think being able to re-position the starting tile (maybe my holding space) would make it easier. - The game crashed a couple of times which is expected of an Alpha release, but it makes the lack of manual save kind pretty evident. Personally I'd like to be able to save any time, without having to quit. I stopped playing when it didn't seem like there was anything else to do, since you can't build the reactor. I'd totally keep playing it, it was very fun, I can see this being a great game once theres is more content.
  3. I disagree, I think the characters look pretty cool, specially the aliens.
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