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  1. I was really surprised to see all the negative feedback that was out there about Broken Age, especially from people who were backers. It really bummed me out to see Tim getting a lot of heat from the decisions he made on this project. Therefore I wanted to create a thread that thanked Double Fine for this experience, the ability to get an inside look at their studio, the way they work, getting to know all the great people that work at the studio and for creating, what I thought, was a beautiful and overall great game. I wanted this to also be a place to share some of our favorite moments of the game. Mine was by far just the art, the main menu screen alone blew me away and I still find myself just staring at it every time I start up the game. Next, I loved Harm'ny Lightbeard. Just a great character and Jack Black did an incredible job as his voice. Really different from what I typically think of as a Jack Black character, I kind of typecast him as the loud, screaming, heavy metal guy after having played so much Brutal Legend. The next best part for me was the dialog with the trees. When you throw your axe off screen and hear "AHH My roots" "Murderer!!" I died laughing. The game was really an enjoyable experience and the documentary was incredible, so thanks again Double Fine and I hope you drown out the negative reviews and continue to make great games like this.
  2. I think they both work equally as well and don't really have a major impact on the game-play. Had this game been on a different platform, like tablets or phones, with touch enabled then the different control schemes might have felt a lot more different and had a more dramatic effect, but with a mouse they felt almost identical to me.
  3. Yeah I got stuck on this puzzle for a while because I completely missed the peaches on the tree. I kept thinking that it had something to do with the chum because of the rotten bed part. Due to the interaction with the fishing rods next to the chum I was thinking that I needed to give something to the girls in order to get a fishing hook off their costume so I could throw the line into the chum and then pull something up from that rotten bed of fish and that item would be the solution to the riddle. Once I couldn't figure that out I went around trying all my items on everyone to try and get a reaction when finally I ended up back at the tree. I accidentally clicked on it and Vella said something about wanting one of the peaches and it all come together from there but it was actually really difficult to figure out if you completely missed the peaches in the beginning.
  4. I voted absolutely Yes because I think Double Fine did exactly what they set out to do: create a classic point and click adventure for the modern gamer. The over the top difficult puzzles are what turn a lot of more modern gamers off from point and click adventures. I wouldn't expect a game to have stupidly hard puzzles in the first act. I got stuck at the final part of Vella's story for a good thirty minutes trying to figure out how to get into the ship and had I been stuck any longer I probably would have gotten frustrated. The art was absolutely beautiful, the main menu alone blew me away, I just sit and stare at it every time I start the game up. The dialog was all greatly written, Jack Black was hilarious and the trees had me dying laughing "Ahh my roots" "Murderer!" And finally the soundtrack is incredible. The use of a real orchestra made it sound incredible and is great to listen to while I work. Imo this game was a huge success. It proved that adventure games aren't dead by getting almost unanimous praise from critics (81 on metacritic), and that developers don't need to be bogged down by publishers. I would happily pay double any day to help continue this trend of making games for the consumer, funded by the consumer. Thanks Double Fine and I hope you push to continue making more games like this.
  5. AHH ITS HERE!! ITS FINALLY HERE!! Currently downloading it and cant wait to jump in and start playing. I can already say that for the documentary alone this has been the best money I've ever spent. Its been great watching you and the Double Fine team work and getting to know all of you. Thanks for being so awesome, making this a reality, and bringing it to all of us. It was a real pleasure.
  6. All hilarious videos aside that guy is awesome. I've never seen him before but after hearing him speak I could immediately see how he's the writer of Adventure Time.
  7. The last 30 seconds were the best part of that episode. Absolutely hilarious. Everything is looking awesome though and I can't wait to get my hands on the game. The release date is coming!! I'm also really looking forward to getting the final cut of all these episodes so I can sit down and have an all day Double Fine Adventure marathon.
  8. Yeah this series inspires the shit out of me. I've been working through college and internships for the past four years as a 3D Character and Technical Artist and just hearing that opening music with the two player productions intro always made me want to go out there and make my next best piece of work. Having been at work on games on a college level, the insight into the profession pipeline would always show me new ways of working that would help me to guide my team through the upcoming weeks or go back and rework some features of our game that weren't working. Watching this series and seeing Tim Shafer at work, with his writing exercises, character development and overall vision for his games, was always awe inspiring, he became like an idol to me. Through all of this I just grew a real love for Double Fine to the point where I am now trying to get a job there (I just recently sent a message to Tim and am eagerly waiting a reply!). Aside from my love for Double I think that 2PP has been doing a great job with this documentary. Easily the best documentary I've ever seen.
  9. My thoughts exactly Wow David Kaufman is perfect as Marek's voice. Also Jack Black Returns!
  10. Hahah well put. Over scoping is the name of the game when it comes to making video games.
  11. AHH IT'S SO AWESOME! The changes to the hill that the girl sits on look incredible with the pink sky, extra atmosphere effects like the smoke and fog and all the little details in there. The music was perfect. The score created a connection with the visuals that I rarely experience, similar to Swords and Sorcery, just awesome. Don't worry about the bad press either. Their just doing what they do best, taking a quote out of context and making up a fictional story based around it. The way I see it Broken Age is just getting its name out there more and more through all this press and so more people are going to hear about the inevitable success of it once it releases. The game looks damn good, the music sounds incredible and I can't wait to play this game. Awesome episode as always guys. Quote of the day goes to "Let's just make the game great, get it out there, and then track them all down individually and kill them."
  12. Hahah the psychonauts campster profiles were hilarious. It's a great method and you can definitely see that work come through in all your games. It's really been great seeing these different methods that you guys use and I can definitely say that it has helped improve my work. Right after I saw the first couple 2PP videos I went out, picked up a notebook, slapped some old skateboarding stickers on it and just began writing. About ten pages later I had some really great ideas down for our senior project which was like ten times more ideas than I previously had. I love what you guys are doing, It's been a real pleasure.
  13. Loved Tim looking like a straight up badass at the end there, driving off into the darkness with his shades on. Awesome episode as always and I am totally for the idea of cutting the game in half. This whole time I've been watching the documentaries I've just been wanting to get my hands on the game so having the ability to do that sounds awesome. I personally look at it like episodic content, similar to the way halo 4 had weekly releases of their spartan ops or similar to an expansion pack for any computer game. Getting a glimpse of the game, ending in a big cliff hangar, would increase my anticipation and excitement about the project and really have me looking forward to the next half. The games looking great as always and I'm looking forward to the next episode.
  14. That would be AWESOME! I have just started to create some scripts like the Photoshop one you talked about but Im still pretty new to developing tools and I am always looking for new scripts to learn from. Being a college student, studying 3D graphics and gaming, getting an inside look into the scripts that you created would be an unbelievable learning experience.
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