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  1. This is great! The biggest thing I wanted to try and do since I started learning Substance Painter and Unreal recently was how to approach doing painterly textures (my usual style when I'm working in Maya is hand painting textures and using Surface Shaders). I really wanted to see how I can translate that into Unreal while taking advantage of the cool stuff that Substance Painter has, like edge detection. This actually gives me a clue about where to start! So thank you!
  2. First time posting! Avoiding spoilers. And lurking a little. I voted for a horizontal box, but (full disclosure) I don't have any of the old boxes there for me to match (I'm a fairly recent PC gaming convert). I think even if I did have the other boxes, it would matter more to me to have the orientation that matches the art better. I am also an animator, so I suppose I'm artistically accustomed to widescreen orientation.
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