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  1. The first adventure game I can remember really playing was a PS1 title, Blazing Dragons. Oh man, I thought it was so totally hilarious and great. I just looked it up and apparently it was originally a cartoon show, I had no clue! Terry Jones did several voices, and it was set during Arthurian times, but with dragons as the knights of the round table. The game itself with mostly straightforward point-and-click, but the minigames were all devilishly hard to my 10-year-old self. That was the first game I ever finished, albeit with some help from a walkthrough. I remember being ridiculously proud of that achievement. I can't remember anything before that, I think I fiddled with the first Discworld game but having not read the books yet, I didn't really appreciate the humor like I do now.
  2. Okay, I'll admit I haven't fully read through the posts that have come before me on this thread (which are damn fascinating thus far, you guys are an interesting bunch!) but I would like to put in my two cents, as it were. I personally really agree with the notion that I don't want to be creating the storyline, I'm playing the game to experience the storyline created by the writers, designers, and artists that made the game. I want to see their vision, be guided on a journey that they've set out for me. This is totally just my personal play style, but I really don't like games like Skyrim where you're placed in an open world with "infinite possibilities", which always boils down to "infinite possibilities" to kill things, go on monotonous quests, and experience landscapes that still aren't as breathtaking as real life, in my opinion. I'm super cynical when somebody shows me some gorgeous vista in a game, all I can do is think: Yep, I could go and see something like that for myself but I'm looking at a pixelly version on a computer screen. That's just me! I'll take interesting, quirky, unique art styles to perfectly rendered realism any day. That's why I love old-school adventure games, the art is fun, it catches my eye, and pulls me into a world I can't experience anywhere else. Sure, I can't go hiking through the mountains in Skyrim anytime I want, but I kind of wouldn't want to anyway.
  3. Love all these! - a library: huge, with marble floors, spiral staircases, stern librarians, hobos drinking in the back corners... - A botanical garden tended by japanese diver's helmet-wearing geisha fish. - Sparkly night time forest. - Undersea Area 51, being infiltrated by conspiracy theorist "tinfoil hat" fish who want proof of existence of humans. - Townspeople of mini golf course are constantly terrorized by huge boulders. - Old Folk's home, barrels of laughs!
  4. voldemeg

    Pixel Manny

    I love this! And after much consideration (minutes!!) my favorite is the middle version, I like the warmer shadows, it fits the tone of the game better. I would love to see some more fanart in this vein, I used to do pixel art many moons ago.
  5. I'd like to second just about every name mentioned in this thread, there are so many awesome voice actors out there! Personally, though he may be too easily recognizable, I just adore Stephen Merchant's voice. He was so wonderful as Wheatley in Portal 2, he lent so much charm to the character. I'd love to see him continue working in the game industry.
  6. Not point-and-click adventure game related, but after particularly long bouts of playing the Sims I would find myself mentally queuing up my daily tasks. Get out of bed, go use the shower, use the sink to brush teeth, open the fridge, get in the car to go to work. I'd even sort of feel like I was filling up my hunger bar when I ate, and the bathroom bar when I... nevermind. I actually think my efficiency experienced an uptick when this would happen.
  7. Earthlion, I'm also playing some Phoenix Wright at the moment, in fact I was just playing it while I waited for my dinner to cook! I used to own a couple of the games for DS but just ended up replacing them with the ones that are available for WiiWare. Our Wii is in the kitchen so it's pretty fun to play through a couple scenes while I wait for water to boil, Phoenix Wright is instant entertainment. Lately I've been playing Deus Ex: Human Revolution and I just finished Portal 2, both of which are more action-oriented than many of the games I usually play. I haven't touched it for a month or so but I was really enjoying Gemini Rue, gotta get back into that one.
  8. Hey all! I'm Maggie, 20, living in Wichita, KS. I was freeform educationeered (aka homeschooled) through high school, and I've been working at a downtown library since I was 16, mostly specializing in helping the local urban outdoorsmen play Farmville. (Just stating the facts here.) I spent the first half of my life in the pacific northwest, some of that time traipsing through the woods, some of it cooped up in front of the TV playing Starfox, Mariokart, and Banjo Kazooie on N64. My knowledge of computers at this time was limited to Neopets and checking email. Little did I know that a whole world of PC gaming was passing me by until my mom sold a board game to my future step dad on eBay and we packed up and moved cross country. My passion for gaming is really thanks to my step dad and his awesome game collection: classic and new, across all genres. Since then my preferred gaming medium has been the PC, though I enjoy a platform game here and there. Favorite games include Portal 1 & 2, Machinarium (and the rest of the Amanita catalog), Secret of Monkey Island, Gemini Rue, Space Rangers 2, and Team Fortress 2, the Professor Layton series, and the Phoenix Wright series. Overall, I love a game where I set the pace, there's plenty of mental challenge, and the art style is polished and inventive. Which is why I'm so excited about the Double Fine Adventure!!! I have no idea what I want to do in the future, but maybe it will involve gaming if I'm lucky. And I have to say that these forums are shaping up to be a really excellent place to learn about how an indie game gets made, which is what really fascinates me.
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