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  1. Ty guys soo much!!!! I'll look for it today (if my friend ever stops useing the PS2)
  2. Ok So.. I've played this game over and over..... where is Milla's Nightmere Room? how do I get to it?.... Is there even a nightmere room? I hear about it.. see about it.... but never find it.
  3. Can some one plzzz tell me a topic that has not already bee taken ?! I bet you will tell me that this topic has been taken..lol I should just find anouther site this is all uesd up :bug:
  4. lili, raz, and ford, thats all am am going to say
  5. gridseep feel free to share if you still want to. i dont care no rules that say you cant
  6. Awsome should be perfuct for you Miriku
  7. uhh I think if any one went in my mind they would find it very messy and want to find a way out..... much like my room that mom keeps telling me to clean
  8. OK ty i changed it to true psychic tales sorry for the mistake
  9. oh the Length dont matter as long as ya want it to be
  10. Boyd Insane after research True Psychic Mag. has found Boyd (the milk man) is still insane will Raz have to go back inside his mind?.....or is Boyd helpless.....? Raz said quote ''I reeally dont want to go back in there if I dont have to'' more reasearch will be done.
  11. how odd only mine was with Raz LOL kinda
  12. this post is for those to use ther Imagination and create a group of storys that make True Psychic Magazine I only made this for fun not to start fights about it, so have fun. just pretend like you are a news reporter. :-) Rulle #1 feel free to speek your mind even if your not posting a story rule #2 no swering rule #3 just fave fun
  13. psychonauts is to additcive i cant keep playing the same one i solved i need HELP. my mind is like one of the ppl in the aslyem part of the game. if some one was to go in there right now....they would die in all the cobweds. and mentel baggage.
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