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  1. I think Steed is adorable but not sure horse-as-a-hero could work in an action game; it's also not an easy game to make as it'd require a lot of resources, I'd imagine. Other three games I can see DF making and, out of those, Dear Leader is most ready to be turned into a full game, perhaps with a small team like Spacebase DF-9. It seems that systems & writing is what would be the most time-consuming part. DL can also be ported to same platforms as Broke Age (no need to dumb it down for iOS version... not sure why that's a concern). Mnemonic would probably need some help from Tim to het going but it's very intriguing and could be ported to consoles to give bigger audience (wish Gone Home was available on a console). LPBB is hilarious and very ambitious. If they can make it without spending a whole lot, it could be a hit on Steam.
  2. Meet the AF 2014 Teams!

    I think Tim issued an edict outlawing all haircuts and men's grooming until they shipped Broken Age
  3. I am the All Powerful Highest Grand Poobah!

    Oh-oh, since people love custom stamps so much this game is going to become F2P with stamps as in-app purchase/DLC, lol
  4. Suggestion and Feedback Thread

    This is quite an insane amount of work to do in two weeks. The look of the game is great (I'm partial, of course) but I also want to point out that writing is very solid and has an authentic feel. The balcony scene + music = awesome. Great job all around! Insofar as suggestions for a full game, I think it'd be great to define end-goal(s) that a player tries to accomplish; perhaps, something like Civilization where there are multiple ways to "win" a game and then at the end we'd get a screen that shows how good/bad we were (maybe even something like The Walking Dead where our choices/stats could be compared to others). Anyway really hope this become one of prototypes made into a full game!
  5. Progress Updates

    Haven't watched Twitch yet but from the very beginning Dear Leader seemed like a good candidate for being made into a full game. It's not a 100% equivalent to Spacebase DF-9 but it doesn't require Broken Age-level of resources.
  6. Bananas (AF Day 8)

    I take full responsibility for what had occurred. Didn't realize sending chocolates to DF would cause banana madness
  7. Progress Updates

    I'm assuming it is. Sounded to me like they were still working on getting all the era 1 stuff really polished not too long ago. Which still leaves era 2. I don't see how they would have had the time for era 3, but *shrug* who knows? That's what I gather too. It's more important to get some slice of the game working well or, at least, conveying ideas/directions a full version may have as opposed to giving a bunch of content that won't be any fun to play.
  8. Drinking at work (AF Day 6)

    Lucky you! At my job (well, our client's campus) we aren't even allowed to have alcohol in our cars, let alone in our offices. Most companies prohibit it due to liability reasons.
  9. Progress Updates

    The minister doesn't seem to be thrilled with our name choice. I think we just found a candidate for a mission to Mars
  10. So Eras What are they and how many will there be?

    In the full game there will be at least three eras but third era will (probably?) be cut from the game and its events (effects of your decisions in eras 1 & 2) will be covered in end-game, I believe.
  11. Edict system notes

    Ouch, this reminds me how much I've forgotten since getting out of school. Nowadays, I only get to do some programming in Excel/Access (VBA).
  12. Insuring people catch the radio drift

    They didn't use the same audio. Yes, I think there are going to be different voices. But Anna is lending her vocal talents to LPBB soundtrack's epic hip-hop song
  13. Music

    Picking a Czech composer is certainly interesting. I wonder if there are MIDIs of Smetana out there? This is his arguably most famous piece --
  14. Some Politico Posters Reference Art I found

    Klatuu -- I love the poster design but I really, really wish people would quit using backwards N (И) and backwards R (Я). It makes no sense whatsover because И = "i" or "ee" and Я = "ya". OK, rant over
  15. I've watched plenty of Disney Pooh cartoons but the Soviet Winnie the Pooh was a lot funnier than the US version. Since I've seen plenty of bears (even got a chance to pet a bear cub once), I think I always found it strange that American Pooh is yellow but, then again, I don't recall how it was in the books. P.S. There are three Russian Pooh cartoons, about 40 minutes total in length. For example: