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  1. Here is the first teaser video of my point and click adventure game 'Paradigm' Check out www.paradigmadventure.com for more info.
  2. Wow this is such a great idea, been working on my own Adventure game Paradigm so I thought I would fill out one of these to understand the characters better when writing scenes and dialogue. Here is a recent character I mapped out Name: Spencer Bar Age: 35 Gender: Male Sloth Nationality/Ethnicity: American Parents: Genetically engineered Sloth Siblings: Other failed diseased failed prototypes Significant Others: His dead master, the owner and creator of (Prodigy Children- a company which sells prodigy children to rich couples) Location: Non descript Eastern European country, formally known as krusznovoodka Religion: Atheist although he fakes worship of a religion based on a WWF wresting diety Class: Upper Marital Status: Single Education: Home schooled by his master, a brilliant scientist with terrible tastes in entertainment. PHYSICAL Fat/Skinny: Chubby Tall/Short: 1.2m Strong/Weak: The combined strength of a 10 year old girl and a pug Hair Color/Style: Styled 70's wig, taken from his dead master. Style of Dress: Naked other than his fur and wig. Attractive/Repulsive: Cute creepy sloth Unusual characteristics / markings / disabilities: on his back his furs pattern spells out, I'm a sloth, feel my roth, which was genetically placed there by his master to remind him he is the master of comedy. BEHAVIOR Speech ( accent / pitch / dialog tags ): Snobby American Temperament (cheerful / grumpy): Menacing Social Skills: none to speak of, he only answered to his master and hated everyone else. Ambitions / Desires: To fulfill his masters dream of creating a monopoly on the worlds entertainment with his vision of what was good. Fears / Hates: Fears pity and sympathy. Hobbies / Obsessions: re-watching all his masters terrible demo's over and over again, styling his wig and re-reading “bar bar genetically engineered sentiment being.” Special Talents: He is a living vending machine, every hour he vomits out candy bars, wrappers and all. Self Image: See's himself as a legitimate son to his master, often avoids the reality he is a sloth and often punishes servants who bring it up Emotional Baggage: His master died of cancer from poor safety conditions in the factory. He thinks himself as his son, when in reality he was only around as a living vending machine. Secrets: Has a secret collection of national geographic and animal planet videos about sloths. Smoke / Drink: Doesn't drink or smoke, but takes anti depressants. Self-destructive / defeating: he is at one point Mannerisms: “mmmMMMMMM” tries to project a menacing character, however looks more hilarious than anything because of his appearance. Coughs up candy bars mid conversation. Intelligence: Very intelligent Strong / Weak: Weak insecure Leader / Follower: Leader, but a terrible one. Mean / Kind: Mean, however some kindness does eventually arise Right / Left brained: logical Brave / Fearful: fearful Graceful / Clumsy: Hovers Seeks attention / isolation: Isolation Funny / serious: Super serious Mellow / energetic: Calm but insecure Humble / arrogant: arrogant Obedient / Rebellious: Highly obedient Favorite music: Clean and happy acoustic songs, think playschool and corny campfire songs. Occupation: New CEO of the Prodigy Child company. Favourite books: “bar bar genetically engineered sentiment being.” Favourite tv shows: Gilligans Island, Happy days, Ryan Hopes acoustic hour, featuring happyness and the masters home made tv shows Favourite movies: Masters home made movies. How does he or she change throughout the story? The characters initially is a very menacing insecure 'evil' character. However the player will eventually sympathise with him as he begins to show his true insecure side with 'daddy issues' Do they ever face an extremely difficult choice? To create a monoply on the worlds entertainment, fulfilling his masters dream. What are their active and passive goals? To fulfill his masters dreams, and one step to do this is to find out why Paradigm (The games protagonist who is a genetically engineered prodigy child) does not become 'faulty' like all the other prodigy children.
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