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  1. I chose "Small Offerings". That name resonates the most with me out of the four options. I think it requires a bit more thought in order to understand how it relates to the game and therefore adds more impact and meaning to the name once you figure out a/the connection. I think you could use it for the feeling/idea that the kids lives were "small offerings" for the happiness/safety of their societies or the ones they care about, or for the idea that the things that they are sacrificing, such as their societal norms or the happiness of those they care about, are all "small offerings" for what may end up being the greater good, either for their society/relationship(s) or for themselves. For example, in the girl's storyline, if they discover a new way to ward off the monster, then girls won't be sacrificed anymore, which saves many lives over time, and would therefore be better than the established way of doing things --if that's what happens, of course. I think this could also be used for advertising in some way, such as "What would you sacrifice to live your own life?" or "What would you sacrifice for the greater good?" "The safety of your village? The happiness of those you love? In the end, these could all just be Small Offerings." or something like that.
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