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  1. I am dying to know as well as some other posters here if this might be an 'uncut' version of the game. To recap: some years back Tim Schafer released a puzzle document of Grim Fandango that showed how the game's puzzle structure was originally more elaborate but had to be cut due to limited development time. He was quoted to say "If only we had one or two more years!" on this topic, specifying a multi-puzzle action climax and unknown characters. This might be a case of getting a finger and taking a hand, but I would just love Grim Fandango to shine in the light of an original vision that never got realized. I understand that two more development years would be absurd to expect for a remake. But sixteen years have come and gone since the original release of Grim Fandango, with new programming tools improving the production process significantly. How much development time would those 'one or two' years be today?
  2. If part 2 is anything like part 1, I'd definitely say that I'm getting what I backed, which is a nice 2d adventure game. The good thing about the puzzles was that they really made a lot of sense when you solved them. But on the other hand, I didn't get a sense of accomplishment from doing so. Having both is probably the Holy Grail of puzzle games I guess. The locations, characters and dialogue were lovely. The very mellow tone of it all was for me both its strength and its weakness. It gave a very warm and woolly feel to the world, but I was hoping for some thorns underneath the roses. Ultimately that did come (without spoiling the plot), so I would love part two to be the thorns beneath part one's roses.
  3. By the way, could the forum have a <> for spoiler content? Some fora have something where text is hidden as a spoiler until clicked on. Especially in this thread I feel very censored without it.
  4. Wow. Only after watching this video did I realise that I never understood the ending of part one. That's... actually very cool!
  5. I am imaging one guy now, making Broken Age pt 1 for 30 years. Nice stats!
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